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(711) Pacsafe Security Bag Weakness & Fix


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. what is the diameter of the hole on the pacsafe cable that accepts the shackle of a padlock? that Titalium 90/50 looks like a tight fit. thanks Tim

  2. does the stainless steel mesh continue into the fabric on the very top of the bag and if yes, can you feel if there are continuous loops around each grommet.

  3. it seems that whenever a lock is involved as a secondary product. Like Self Storage Units, or this product, etc. They always cheap out on the locks themselves which seems counter-intuitive when you business is security.

  4. Just randomly stumbled on this channel. Have no history with lock smithing/picking and the sort. However, I find this really interesting and it kind of peels the vale back on my sense of security. Which is ironic considering I work in IT and i've been telling people for years "security" is a myth. So long story short can anyone tell me where you would buy "custom core/safer" locks? Is there a person's business that does retail on them? +bosnianbill cool channel man.

  5. I'm curious, does that mesh extend up into the black part immediately underneath the draw-string? Could you not just cut the whole thing off there and run off with the bag?

  6. For a lot less $$$ you could get a narrow ammo can and a short length of chain/cable, wrap it around an immobile object and use the padlock of your choice to secure the can latch and capture the chain/cable ends. Not really any less secure than this bag, plus it's waterproof.

  7. That padlock you ended up using looks too big/over kill, it's going to attract more attention I'd say. Sure, use a less pickable one than the pac safe one but of similar size.

  8. There's a saying out there that a lock is just meant to keep an honest man honest which in my opinion couldn't be more true; especially for things like this. I really don't see the point of buying bags like this because it can be easily opened or simply stolen until they can eventually get it open.

  9. i had an incident with a guy that brought a (stolen)handgun in a backpack of which was full of heroin into the Courthouse, but stopped at the "metal detector". He was going to a hearing and took a taxi to the Courthouse – i asked him why he brought the gun & heroin into the Courthouse – he said he had no where to leave the backpack & didnt know those items were in the ba kpack. . . lmao whatta fool, the Judge didnt like it too much either – "click-click" ????????????????????

  10. I just bought the larger one from them and they included one of those 3 digit rotary combination locks. There are TONS of videos on here on how to defeat those combo locks. Is there any combo lock that's harder to defeat than another?

    Also, I saw these luggage locks that use the card key to open: http://www.pacsafe.com/prosafe-750-tsa-accepted-key-card-lock.html . I also saw a video on here that showed an REI version that was much cheaper. Your thoughts, Bill?

    Thanks for your work on all these videos!

  11. Had the big Pacsafe mesh over my pack while traveling through Thailand years back… didn't come with a "pad-lock", but had a built-in style one… Locked it to a rail on a ferry ride to Koh Samui while looking for eats- returned 3 min. latter to find the lock physically broken. Must have arrived just as they broke it, as they hadn't made entry into my precious cargo of knock-off Diesel gear and generic Valium… I will give the company credit for refunding my $, as it was advertised as "break-proof" or some crap. Pissed me off all the same. It's all about the fanny-pack worn backward

  12. Nice one Bill!

    Some thoughts:

    1.) The steel cable is probably easily cuttable with a diagonal cutter in one swift try (I did cut cables twice as thick with a diagonal cutter made by Knipex with much force with one try). I suspect more thieves to carry diagonal cutters in their pockets than lock picking sets and this will take about 2-3 seconds.

    2.) From what I have seen in the video, the two holes in the plastic are formed like a snowman. When locked, the steel cable goes through the smaller hole and the padlock through the wider hole. With the original padlock (as the diameter of the shackle is kinda small), would it be possible to first get the cable also in the larger hole and in a second step move the shackle of the padlock up into the smaller hole (i.e. swap the cable to go through the large whole and the padlock through the small hole)? If so, can the bag then be opened?

  13. Hi Bill, how easy is it to cut through that big blue plastic retainer? Wouldn't a all metal one be more secure, don't you think? It does make you think that if they're willing to supply a piece of shit padlock with this bag, what else are they overlooking.

  14. Sad to see they sell high quality bags like that with such crap padlock. It would make more sense to sell them without the padlock.
    Also , no handgrenades this time ?

  15. Nice one Bill. Great looking product that can be very useful if a decent lock is used. Why would they even supply a padlock like that when they spend all that money on the bag part of the product……. CRAZY

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