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(607) SOBO Disc Detainer Picked Open (Thanks Vitaly!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Quick update: there are 2 types of this SOBO lock. The one Bill showing in this video and a chrome plated version ($4 extra). I own both locks. The chrome plated version is top of the key-way tensioned and the plastic shrouded one (like what bill has in the video) is bottom of the keyway tensionned. They are both brass body locks. Grinder is the fastest way in; a disk grinder can probably eat through one in less than a minute, dremmel cut 1/4 inch into the body in 15 seconds… Securing kids bicycle in a park; yeah its good enough. Securing something you leave unattended over night, not a good idea. For the "kids bicycle" type of application, get the cheaper version (plastic shrouded like what Bill has in the video), it's harder to pick, b/c of how you have to tension it.

    But t hen, if you going to spend $20 for a lock plus X dollars on the chain, just buy Kryptonite like Bill is showing in video #397

  2. with the Chinese pick, can we drill new hole where the Allen wrench tightens the pin in bringing it out about 1 inch. another idea is where the tension grooves are flat there is more area to file that would go 3/4 in futher in the lock. anybody try these modifications??

  3. Would you consider this lock, or even the Abus Granit to be not very secure anymore? Or are these tools so specialized that it's not even a concern? Would you still buy a Granit over this (much) cheaper Sobo?

  4. Thanks for the video!  I just ordered a very similar model Sobo for my storage unit, and am glad that it doesn't seem like it'll be as easy to defeat as the lock that is on there now.

  5. First, I love your channel… please keep it up!  

    Re: these Sobo locks… The one you pick in this video is covered in plastic, so it is hard to see, but other Sobo locks have a retaining ring in the bottom around the keyway similar to those found in the other Chinese disc detainer locks, as shown in a few of your very old videos.  Are these Sobo locks vunerable to the same types of attacks?

  6. Bill, I hope you don't mind but you use a lot of jargon that just flies over my head. I am new to your channel and I love this art of lock picking but I have not had the courage to buy the stuff and get busy yet. Could you explain some of the jargon you use? What does "zero everything out" and "false gate" and "counter rotation" mean, for example. Sorry to be a pain Bill but I am trying to understand as much as I can.

  7. I somehow got unsubscribed.,. WTH?

    Anyways… I bought this lock, and the other Sobo which is all chromed like with a thicker shackle. I wouldn't even come close to your skills in trying to open one of these, and I don't have the tools for it anyways.

    I will say they seem to be a pretty good quality for made in China. These would be a lot harder to open than the typical locks you see at storage units.

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