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(375) Building Your First Lock Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. This was excellent! My only comment would be to big up the snake a bit more. It's my very first go-to on a low security lock, and normally gets me in in under 30 seconds. One job recently where I used this paid for my entire starter pick set, although that took nearly a minute :)

  2. Hi Bill. I admit I am amateur at this game but even so I'm sure UK locks are much harder to pick than US locks. Is this true or am I doing something wrong?

  3. @ junk yard…
    check out 2pc welded dip sticks.
    (oil – not trani)
    I've found that
    0.017 inch @ end
    0.026 inch @ handle end.
    get about 4 of each size.

  4. I've tried Peterson, Sparrows and Southord and only Sparrows actually sold to me, the other two started asking questions and would not sell to me stating they could only sell to cops and locksmiths and the like, anyone got any tips on how to bypass this?

  5. totally answered my questions, i was going to ask if u had to choose only 3 picks which would they be.. im making some more picks today and was wondering what i should make, i allready have a standard hook, and was going to make a bogota style rake, and maby a L-rake, im mostly picking canadian and american locks..

    thanks again for the gr8 videos, keep it up! love your work

  6. very glad I found your channel, bosnianbill. I have some books on picking and the MIT guide, but there's nothing quite like a visual demonstration–especially for a skill like this. I just purchased my first kit and will be making ample use of your videos as I start to learn. Keep up the good work!

  7. Why the fuck am I watching this? 😀 I have watched about 20 of your vids, never had lock pick in my hands and probably never will, but this is like a fkn drug, i have to watch it :D:D

  8. You should partner with a company and get them to make this set for you to get commission from or free tools for you. I'm sure many of your subscribers will purchase them.

  9. This is a fair way to pick the lock today to steal money without getting out of the house just need internet it is a fact for a long time this is what this guy's doing I could since I can remember but you know how they say a small thief removed the head big thief removed the heat

  10. +bosnianbill other than longevity and reliability, why would one keep a thicker pick? It seems the thinner 0.015/0.018 picks will fit both American AND Euro/Tricky keyways so why would one want a thicker one other than the aforementioned reasons?

  11. Do any other vendors sell Peterson brand picks? Only seeing the $18.00 ones and don't want to go broke lol. Just started toying with picks about a week or so ago with a pack of cheeeeeap ones. Was able to pick a few cheaper locks but want something better :D

  12. HELL YEAH!!! I just single pin picked my first 40mm lock!!! idk if there's a security pin in there because i have to release some tension in order for it to work but i'm so excited. broke my peterson diamond though :(

  13. Just found a Peterson supplier, well actually it was on there website, they are UAP TradeLocks based in Manchester, that's where i'll be going tomorrow to purchase a Petersons 15 piece pick set Volume 2. My first quality set.

  14. So plz dear tell me where I can cheap under 10dollars lock picking set for European lock I need these basic lock picking tools which you have Plz reply

  15. Thank you for the presentation. I,m retired from the Department Of Corrections , thinking about taking a locksmith course. Your demo was very helpful Thank you

  16. This video inspired me to add a lot of upgrades to my pick sets. Been picking as hobby for years but never realized how many tools were available. Most what I have was hand made in my shop. But for the price and time the recommendations made are very good values. Just ordered new pick set, pick, and tension wrenches from Peterson and Sparrow. Thanks for the many great videos. It has renewed my interest in a fun hobby.

  17. my father ordered a Chinese lock pick kit off the line and passed it down to me it was basically all hooks and a few diamonds and a saw type rake. I have been thinking about ordering a city, worm, and bogata rake from sparrows so I went ahead and ordered them after watching this thanks for your time

  18. I have been watching your videos, I find lock picking fascinating, I have always loved tinkering with machines and taking stuff apart.
    Would you recommend taking up locksmithing as well? I have a few old locks I got at a yard sale some don't have keys and have often wondered if they could be picked, I am strongly considering taking up locksmithing and or lock picking as a hobby, your videos are great!

  19. Ok then that's what I'll get. BTW I think your videos are great. Usually when I have a question I find my answer from one of your videos. Right now I'm trying to pick a Ace hardware security lock.

  20. Alright Bosnian Bill I returned my sparrows Creeper set. I didn't like the handles. So I'm deciding on the Peterson Eagles nest in gov steel, or the ghost set. What do you think is the better one?

  21. Hello, I was curious as to what the thickness of the three tension wrenches (@8:45) were. It is hard ro tell, but I can make these if I knew what the thickness is. Thanks much.

  22. Nice video. Will certainly help me when starting out now as a newbie. Any chance to make a short list of the picks you are presenting here in the description? I am just writing it down as I watch the video, but might be useful for others 🙂 Thanks for great videos!

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