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(404) Attacking Locks (For Beginners)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I’m tired of the cheap crappy disc detainer tool, for picking disc locks. Any idea where I can get a good one.

  2. Really good introduction to the approach to take on a first time attempt on a different lock!
    I find I keep coming back and re-watching this!

  3. Hi. I have a eagle 70A9 tool chest look ,
    I’ve searched for keys , no luck.
    So I’ve started playing around with making a key ?
    Any ideas? Thanks

  4. I’ve just started picking for a hobby, this was one the most informative videos I’ve seen. Thanks

  5. Me too I’m looking for the link to Mike Gibson as well if you could send it to me it wood be great

  6. I am also looking for the link to Mike Gipson book that you talk about. If you could forward me the link, Thank you, Doug.

  7. I have tried to find the book you talked about by Mike Gibson, Detail Overkill, Could you please send me the link so i can down load his 30 page manual. Thank you.

  8. been constanly amazed with your great youtube vids,always good to watch a master at work, I’m a carpenter but in the last few years have started fitting locks,repairing and was made aware of your videos from a workmate and I have watched them all but never commented, love the skill being passed on and you have a big following from Scottish builders.looking forward to more reviews. and maybe stick my name in the hat for any prizes,lol. cheers bill from sunny Scotland.. Jason bradley

  9. I picked picking up as a hobby about 2 weeks ago. I figured out how to slowly (almost accidentally)j hook my way through most of my locks pretty quickly but had a couple padlocks I almost never could get. I was just able to pick those locks in 3 different ways in under 15 minutes because of you. Thank You!!!!

  10. You are amazing! I lost the keys to my (Master) hitch lock and couldn't find them anywhere. I was pretty sure this lock can't easily be cut off as it inserts into the space occupied by the ball on your hitch and it's quite substantial. I was searching for some way to drill it out, cut it off, or anything, and I found your video. I watched the whole thing once, grabbed a set of lockpicks I inherited, and less than TWO MINUTES later, I'd picked the lock! It was my first pick ever! AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. The dark side of my soul found this video. I have no idea why, but I ended up here for some reason. Ya never know when something you learn helps you at a later date. This was a kick ass video.

  12. Hi Bill. Can you recommend a good quality lock pick set. I'm new to the art of lock picking and would like your recommendation on a good quality kit & also where i can buy it. Even if it's a store with a web site.

  13. Great video. Two questions though:

    1. why didnt you try bypassing it first? That seems to be the quickest thing to check like you showed that in video 289
    2. if you know the number of pins why didnt you tried using a bump key?


  14. I found a lock not long ago and tried to open it with my lockpicks. Didnt work. Than about a week later, randomly opend it with a lockpick while watching a movie and not really paying attention to what i was doing :P

  15. Are there padlocks with cylinders designed to defeat this juggling method of opening?  I have a Master lock that when I apply torque to the cylinder with the bar then rake the pins up and down with the pick it doesn't do anything.

  16. After watching this video and a few others of Bosnian Bill's, I bought some lock picks and a few locks. Within an hour I had opened all 6 of them. Thanks, Bosnian Bill! 🙂

    Unfortunately, 3 of the locks were Masterlocks. :(

  17. After watching this video and a few others of Bosnian Bill's, I bought some lock picks and a few locks. Within an hour I had opened all 6 of them. Thanks, Bosnian Bill! 🙂

    Unfortunately, 3 of the locks were Masterlocks. :(

  18. I take stuff out of my naughty bucket once a week and play with it for thirty minutes or so, too! But I don't think our naughty buckets are the same…

  19. Here in Argentina, the locks on apartment doors are weird, not at all like in the USA. They use what looks like an old brass skeleton key, but these are found even on new apartments, which puzzles me no end. Granted, Argentina is a few years behind, but not more than a few. I mean, we have 4G cell service, for example. This is not a third world country, by any means.

    I wish I knew how to open these. My next door neighbour was locked IN her apartment a few months ago, and since it was a Sunday night she had to wait for morning to get a locksmith.

  20. I just found your channel and am enjoying looking at your videos, the other day I was watching your video on making tools out of pieces of stainless kitchen knives, one suggestion, the little pieces of metal out of the sides of automotive windshield wipers are stainless and a good size and the automotive stores will usually give you all the old ones that you want and you get two pieces out of every wiper blade,

  21. Have you ever picked a master safety lockout lock? They are a royal pain in an ass! Lol and I've had to improvise and made a diamond since I left my pick set at the house.

  22. amazing tutorial, u help me understand alot of the unused pick i got from the lockpick set, i usually use my own diy pick found these retail purchase one to be not durable enough for my daily use,
    as for the lock picking u can also try a pick gun , i have successul rate using em. good luck , thanks for the channel, i subscribed it!

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