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(390) Abus 24RK Diskus …well…MELTED open…


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. "if we could remove this core… somehow… then we could take a large screwdriver (if this thing was locked up) and then we can stick it in there and we could just turn it" okay
    "… this is made out of cast zinc" mm hmm
    "zinc has a melting temperature of 400 degrees centigrade…" um WHAT
    "if we can melt this housing…" OHH GOD O_O

  2. thickness of lock wall. Turn lock over and drill pilot hole first .Then again with a 12 mm HSS bit. use screw driver to open. Why go through the front of the lock when the rear is the weakest ?

  3. built armored cars out of zinc impregnated steel for 30 years unless you have your self in a box the zinc will not bother you I have never been a least bit sick plus a small torch isn't that bright ,and you can get small oxygen and acetylene bottles like heat and air people use but that's brighter but still it's a junky lock

  4. Whoops…any recommendations on replacing this lock..?..my 'Security' cabinet is obviously very vulnerable.I thought these locks were a lot better grade than they are.

  5. still workin my way through your vids bill!, I cant believe they dont test for this, surely a harware store tool bypass/entry is standard testing?? or do the assume that people are idiots??

  6. I hope you had some sort of fan blowing those zinc fumes away from you as you melted it. It is one of the nastiest things to get in you lungs, rapid permanent damage. That is one of the reasons bullets are not made of zinc, too dangerous to cast them. You would die of lung damage before you cast a box of bullets. Normally molten zinc is handled in a vent hood where the zinc fumes are sucked off into the atmosphere instead of into your lungs. I say let criminals try this, they will soon be in the hospital with 90% of their lungs gone, gasping for breath.

  7. Why oh why do lock manufacturers nearly always goof up a design. They go to all the effort of making the shackle out of hardened steal then make the core surround out of butter. I bet a little pencil torch, tiny one which is quiet would melt that zinc surround, may take a bit longer.

  8. Every video I ask myself the same question… I wonder what his doors look like. I imagine some colossal military fucking blast door! with 50 locks! and loads of… ima stop u get the idea. joking but interested.

  9. you should start to try to pick the locks in a more plausible situation, i mean, lock picking isnt just about the knowledge and the practice, its also about the discresion, and how quick you are, you need to be able to pick a lock in public without looking suspicious. i mean, i know it is a sport, but it would be more exciting to take it to the limit

  10. The shackle that says "hardened" on it just turned blue, which means it lost its temper. Now you can cut it with a hacksaw in 30 seconds if you can get a good angle. You would probably need even less time with the torch if you directed it at the shackle.

  11. I wonder if this works on an Abus Granit (the one Adrian Weber did a Video on with a cutaway. The Abus Granit 37 55 CEN Grade 4 Padlock ).
    Adrian mentioned a zinc cast core and actuator. I know the actuator has a steel part in it to prevent that. But if the zinc is all melted, maybe one could shake the lock (in a circular motion around the core axis to get the steel bar to turn a little bit and then pull on the shackle to make the ballbearings push it around. What do you think?
    (maybe you can get a used one for this…)
    Also i think it will take a bit more time to melt, because of the thermal mass you have to get through

  12. Wouldn't have needed to make the metal molten to remove the lock cylinder. Metal gets soft when approaching its melting point, if you got it nice and hot then inserted the key quick and pulled would have probably popped out.

  13. That casing looks tinny enough and roomy enough inside to just hit it with a hammer and deform it out of the grooves. Most of those castings were Zermac which is a zinc alloy. A Mapp gas torch has enough additional heat to get her done more quickly but the result may be setting the surroundings on fire. Doug

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