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(384) Pfaffenhain (Abus) Integral Picked w/Opening Tips


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Words can not describe the deep sadness we feel with this sudden loss. It is heart breaking. There have been so many good memw3ies&#82r0;.oe loved our calls from Taco Tuesdays! Ron had such a kind smile and a laugh that would make you want to laugh right along with him! He is going to be so incredibly missed. I just can’t believe you’re gone, Ron. We love you and miss you! May God Bless You and all those who are grieving your loss…

  2. Bill, I'm wondering something: how do you know if while picking the side dimple pins one or more of the top pins drop? By sound or Feel?

  3. While in Germany I met up w/Adrian and he took me to visit his local locksmith, whom he has known for many, many years. During the visit he showed us some of the locks he's collected for Adrian and he offered the Pfaffenhain and a few others to me. Without Adrian present the locks would have cost me 5-10 times more. He basically GAVE them to me for less than his own cost.

  4. You will get there I am sure! Lever locks or somehow very different from the feel. Some people are just very good at it and some not. I know a guy you can open nearly EVERY lever based safe lock but he sucks at picking pin tumblers, there you go 😛 Well lets say you have picked nearly every Abus high security lock then 😉

  5. No idea what the door weighed but the lock sure is heavy. It was a bastard until I figured out the top pins demand super light tension while the dimples like heavy tension. Odd, but it confused me for quite a while. What we need now is a lock with levers, pin tumblers, dimples, sliders, a combination, and a magnetic element all rolled into one device.

  6. Adrian,
    There are a LOT more locks that I cannot open, believe me. You've seen my "nasty bucket", which is actually a "frustration bucket" containing more than 50 different high security locks I can't BEGIN to open. To say nothing of the four SELIM locks, which continue to laugh at me. Also, lever locks, that seem SO easy for our UK friends, defy my best efforts for hours on end. Thank you for your vote of confidence though! BB.

  7. Hey Bill, great video and great picking! Han Fey actually works for Assa Abloy now. Toool just a lockpicking society that he is a member of I believe. Now the only high security lock that you have not picked yet would be the Bravus 4000. I have to get one for a review anyway so you might get one in the future. This one has a total of 15 pins. 5 of them could be passive I am not sure.

  8. Not really, it was supposed to be for a door of a passive house. My locksmith did the locks on this passive housing area here and one of the locks did not have the right length. Since he would never been able to get rid of that long cylinder anyway bill got it quite cheap 😛

  9. Great picking as always Bill, and wow!!! never seen a Euro cylinder as long as that. Feel sorry for the guy who hung the door the lock goes into, door must weigh a ton LOL!!!!

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