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(540) Rake Open Medeco Locks? YES!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I have a couple of the 7 pin Medeco’s and I have been going back and watching all of your Vid’s on these. I can’t pick them “YET”. I am getting MUCH better at standard pin tumbler locks, but as you all know, these are tough. I’m still not clear on wether you pick up first, then rotate, or do ya have to do both at same time. ???

  2. We use a very similar medico lock on our vending machines at work so when we lose the keys for one I take them open and swap the lock out. I never have any luck with the triple peak but the sparrows worm rake works wonders. If you want I have a lock with no key that I've raked open a dozen or so times

  3. Isnt it a fun thing to see biaxial symbol on that commercial 72S, i mean no driver pins but they are still persistent on letting you know hey this lock just needs the pins rotated…. Bill have you ever tried a longer medeco 6-7 pin 72S? Also what are your thoughts on using the "medecoder" with no gutting i would be interested to see if those are or are not the "ARX" pins, standard, security pins… Thanks 

  4. OK you inspire me to try some Medeco locks here in the shop. Out of 3 I got 2 so far. Neither took very long since I already had the Sparrow rake you used. This is awesome!! Thanks.Shortest time on a 5 pin has been 27 seconds. I have done the 2 many times each. The 3rd one is a tough one.

  5. i subbed ages ago on my other acount was really confused why it was notappearing on this one lol subbed now though 

  6. Bill great video, I know the Sparrow is a little on the thick side, would a thinner Bogota possibly help get the angles on the pins better when rotating the pick in the keyway?

  7. Man…..I'm so tempted to say that I can hardly believe that's possible. But I guess with only 3 pins eventually your gonna hit the right combination. Still that's just nuts! Nice job Bill!

  8.              Just to be clear this was a factory lock (I am Tri County Locksmith Service). With a factory tag. No custom pinning no funny business. This is why I send these lock out…. I want to see what they’re made of in the real world agenst the best lock pickers in the world. This is also why I Do Not recommend Medeco locks for real high security applications at this time. ASSA and BiLock all the way.
               Nice pick by the way Bill !
    Also note that this Medeco and BiLock have similar operational mechanics in common. The side bar engages the pins the same way on both locks, with false gates and proper holes for the sidebar to fall in to. The difference is the Medeco relies on the "lift and rotate" function that brought them so much success in the past (the 80s). The BiLock relies on two separate sets of pins and two separate sidebars falling into place at the same time. This in my opinion makes the BiLock more secure as it would have 10-12 pins needing to be aligned to a shear line at the same time as opposed to only 3 from the Medeco. 
                Another side note: I sent Bill (you) the newest version of BiLock as well with the added floating center pin.
    Notice: there is no picking video of that lock yet……. I bet you (Bill) will eventually get it but I doubt it will be a 5 minute raking video.

  9. Hi Bill. These Medeco cam locks are driverless. They just have bottom pins and the springs. The only thing that keeps them from turning is the sidebar. But they have special pins. Instead of a sidebar groove they only have a small hole for the sidebar finger to go into. So you have to lift the pin to the right height AND rotate them at the same time. There are also false holes that are only partially deep.

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