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(405) Choosing a High Security Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey Bill! Great crash course on locks. I’d love to see some in depth studies on ones that could be encountered in normal use, like company history, tie ins to cutaways, copies by other brands, etc.
    As always, Good Show Sir! Thanks Bill!

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    1. @firedrop obviously never tried! the lower ones yes, the abus,multi abloy,never,even 42 inch bolt cutters wouldnt, u need a power tool, boron shackles

  3. That Abloy lock sure looks nice. but make sure no dirt enter the mechanism, easiest way to kill a Abloy lock. My dad used to lock his boat with a stainless steel one and when he took it out of the water in the fall he left it connected to the chain. In the spring he couldn't open it again. He bought the ABUS equivalent instead.

  4. For most locks, I don’t think the lock is the weak point any more. People are locking up their bikes with steel rope and tiny un-welded chains. And in any case, the user is always the weakest point. :)

    1. First, thanks for the review Bill as it has influenced a recent locks purchase greatly!
      You have the most intelligent comment here! A lock is only one small fraction of achieving security on an object. A lot of people talk about large sledge hammers, huge bolt cutters and angle grinders… You are only going to walk around my community about 2 minutes with any of these and the police will be called by someone, a 4 foot bolt cutters doesn’t hide under a blazer very well, the three or four hundred feet or extension cord is not that easy to lug around, you can’t drive a truck with an inverter up to that lock without someone noticing the huge hole in the wooden fence…
      I think the intent of any lock is to 1) dissuade the opportunist (99% of criminals) and 2) buy some time against the other 0.9% who might defeat these but will usually mess up (too loud, etc) and 3) have a valid claim of “attempting security” when you have to use insurance against the 0.1% who are true professionals.

  5. What's the point of having a hardened steel shackle with a flimsy aluminum body? You can cut that open with a pen sized file or saw. Or you can probably pry it open with a pair of wrenches.

  6. Around here, the thieves don't bother with lock picks. They just carry around a big pair of bolt cutters. The strength and accessibility of the shackle is going to be the only thing that matters.

  7. That is why I booby trap all my valuables!! I don't actually do that, for insurance reasons, but if this was not a public forum we could have a real conversation. I have always liked American, Abus, Best, ASSA, & Abloy from worst to best. My second cousin was very adept at picking locks. He went on to work on the atomic world standard time clock, and the US BS American standard time atomic clock, Atomichron commercial atomic clocks, & later Dallas Semiconductor. His brother turned down more than one job offer at Bell Labs, and went on to develop several patents in medical monitoring. Let's face it, an inverter, an extension cord, and a p grinder & I don't even need any lock picking skills. When we lose keys to those expensive unpickable locks, forced entry & destruction of the lock is the method of choice with the locksmith.

  8. remember the old saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. no one on my first page of comments has bothered to mention that a locks shackle and body need only be as strong as what it is latched to. if the chain or cable will cut but your lock won't, you've wasted money on your fancy lock.

  9. Still: As a crook you only need an orange community worker vest and a battery powered angle grinder to just take what you want in broad daylight! ;)

  10. i enjoy your videos very much. for some reason I struggle picking locks the no 5 gives me issue. only when single picking. is this a trait I can learn or is it a you have it or you dont deal.

  11. But with a bicycle locked against a railing could you pick or shim it with someone looking and make it look legit
    Like if it's a 4 pin Master lock it shouldn't take that long but would a person notice what your doing.

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