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(721) A Fortress, or NOT a Fortress?


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



    1. Just about anywhere you can by lock picks at. I know Sparrows carries a set of shims you can get there very much like the ones you see in Lock-Labs videos.

  1. Subscriber number three here with a question…how often do you go through picks? My wife got me a cheap pick set for my birthday and after messing around for a day or so, the picks and wrenches have gotten pretty beat up already? I'm assuming better quality stuff lasts longer, but how much longer?

  2. I live somewhat near Cleveland Ohio and I have seen Fortress locks in quite a few stores. It has been my experience that they are fairly easy to open. I didn't realize that they were made in China nor that they were owned by Master.

  3. Bill, great channel. I have pretty much learnt to pick locks from your channel. I have been doing this for a couple of months now and you video quality is a great help. Thanks.

  4. Bill, love the videos. Always wanted to get into picking locks but never pulled the trigger. Thanks to the past year of watching your videos I'm addicted and I am constantly bugging my friends for new locks to pick. After I picked one friends super secure master lock hitch locks he gave me one to shut me up. It has a circle with a rhino on both sides. Hardened shackle shielded inside and out. The core is a gaping keyway with 4 pins in the normal location and 4 more on a shelf slightly below and to the left…. I can't even get a binder. Any tips?

  5. I just bought an assa practice lock but I cannot seem to find any pins to "rekey" it. does anyone have some advise on where I could acquire some online? I thought of visiting my local locksmith.

  6. This is what i used several years ago as a training lock, it got passed around to several of my buddies that were trying to learn as well.We eventually called it the club house because its certainly not a fortress.

  7. Your videos are very informative and organized. I've always been interested in locks and the mechanisms, but never knew found the right videos I guess. I just ordered a beginner pick set. Then I saw the your mulitirotor channel. I also do fpv and planes. Earned a sub on both channels from me for sure.

  8. Columbia River Knife Tool. Nice knife. Quality but not all fancy. I collect knives. Anyway love your videos. Keep it up. You're great. Can you break into a women's heart as easy as these locks?

  9. looks pretty similar to a Master 140 in size and shape. I would expect that it's a re-skinned version of a pre-existing Master offering. What an awful cheapie.

  10. Bill, I love your videos. Not only are the videos in HD, but the lighting is always good and the camera angle as well. I love the way you explain things for the novice and especially how you talk us through what you're thinking and feeling inside the lock while you work. Great job – I can't wait for your next video as I'm having to watch "re-runs" of your videos now. Btw, watching your "re-runs" is much better than watching most other's videos for the first time.

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