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(835) Brinks from White’s Locksmithing



Will the different sized hex screws EVER stop tormenting me?  Wow!  I don’t often get Brinks padlocks in the shop and was totally unprepared for that pesky 1/8″ recessed screw.  I initially thought it was an American padlock and didn’t realize it was a Brinks until cutting off all of the black tape.

Anyway, my new motto is: Never trust a locksmith when he says “don’t worry, it’s EASY!”  White’s Mobile Locksmith send this threaded nightmare to the LockLab and I was probably lucky to get it open.




  1. Nice job. I have not tried the 6th pin trick. I’ll have to re-pin something and see what it feels like. Or maybe I’ll win this lock…LOL

  2. Just retired from DEA and pickup the hobby of lock picking. I am getting good at it but never like the master!

  3. Beautiful picking as usual bill! id love to win one eventually though im sure actually picking it would take forever!

    1. Mi è capitato di conscere giornalisti sfigati. Con questo non voglio dire che quello del tgcom sia un giornalista sfigato, pero’…. !?ooal’lrticelB, il tuo

  4. Great pickin again, Bill !! 👍more pure evil, 😈 is an American core be interchangeable and vice versa?? Also, what is the difference btween “counter-milling” and threadings ??
    Is that piano wire? What thicknesses ??

  5. I think the real challenge for you if finding the right screwdriver 😀

    If i ever send you a challenge lock it will have a standard master core and custom made screw. I know im an arse

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