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(666) Deolslyfox’s Custom Pinned American Padlock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Awesome again bill. I am trying out making my own nasty alien technology to put in an abus 83/45.
    By the way I like your shiny blue screw driver where did you get them from? I would love some in my tool kit. ????

  2. HAVE YOU SEEN the lock like that that if you pick it , all the top pins fall into a trap holes and get stuck. it was on a construction gang tool box padlock, luckily the padlock wasn't locked all the way and found out while fitting a key to it

  3. I personally like your longer videos. This has been an interest to me for quite some time and recently a bit of a hobby of mine. I have always picked locks for friends.. Oddly have never looked it up on youtube, Love the community here. Thank you for your videos Bill. I am learning a lot.

  4. I've recently bumped into this channel through youtube's distorted idea of things that may interest me and usually I'd turn around and run away screaming (no, youtube, I do not want to watch a big centipede eat a snake after I watch gory videogame videos)
    Your videos, however, amaze me, deffinitely looking forward to the next one.

  5. +bosnianbill, I noticed the crab at the beginning of some of your earlier videos. What branch? I'm an Army TL and just getting into picking. It's harder to get sent to schools than it used to be so I'm pretty much on my own.

  6. As always, great video!

    I noticed that you often use the long end of the serrated pry bar for American locks. That long end has always felt funky to me… Like I lose a lot of feedback. I suggest that you try the short end of the toothless Peterson pry bars… You will not regret it. The short end of the toothless pry bar is just a tad longer than the serrated model… Like it was custom made for American padlocks!

  7. Hey bill, I love the channel. Just stumbled upon it recently, and it has taught me a lot, and to be honest, scared me a little, so I have a few questions for you.
    Upon learning to pick locks, I learned the lock I have some pricey valuableschained up with, is no match for even my newbie self… I can crack it in less than a minute. Not a goodfeeling knowing that has been keeping my stuff "safe" for a few years.
    So I guess my questions are,
    1. Im looking at the abus 83/55 IC with the protected shackle. Good choice?
    2. Will the best brand "control key, cam lock" style cores work in the abus 83s?
    3. Ive seen claims where a 7 pin core fits. Will a best brand 7 pin core be too long? 6 pin?
    4. Where do you usually buy security pins, locks, and cores?

    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

    Just trying to step my game ua a bit, as what you taught me showed me my stuff us not as safe as I thought it was.


  8. im new to lock picking and i have this old padlock what i can rake open in less than 5 seconds but i cant single pick it. i can find the 1st binder but no matter how far i push it i get no feedback as to wether its set or not. the lock has been cleaned with wd40 so rust isnt an issue. it has a heavy spring loaded core i wonder if thats the problem? any help is appreciated thankyou

  9. Bill, I just started watching your videos.

    I went to my grandma's house for spring break and I told her about lockpicking. I made a quick little paperclip lockpick and ALMOST got a lock open but then the pick broke:(

    I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow and I'll buy she and I some picks and tension wrenches.

    Don't know why I'm telling you this… But thanks for the new hobby:)

  10. I actually don't like the transparent pinning tray, because the pins are hard to see in it. The black one gives mich more contrast and one can See the individual pins more clearly.

  11. Bill I have a question.
    I'm a locksmith by trade and I was wondering if you could tell me what is the largest and best pick set that Sparrows makes that you would recommend for someone that does this all the time? I like HPC's but that spring steel is very prone to breaking and I want a new set of picks and was looking at sparrowslockpicks.com.

    Any set you would recommend that would cover pretty much everything from basic tools to advanced?

  12. Another great video, Bill!!  Any chance you could do a video on your new vise? I have the regular Panavise and I really love it, but your new one looks even better. Thanks!!

  13. i have no idea why i watch you  i have no desire to be a locksmith but watch you i will continue   P.s. maybe i missed it but can a round cyclinder key be picked

  14. Bill when could we see a video with your face? I have been watching lots of your videos anyhow great job am still working my on ASSA lock

  15. Wow that was tough.  Great video bill.  That looked like fun.  great upgrade to an otherwise not too hard to open lock.

  16. Does anyone know why American-Padlock keyways look so much different than European ones i mean these Iron made things on the Keyway…
    Why doesn't they exist in Europe…? 

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