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(124) American U.S. Government Issue “Barrel” Padlock SPP’d x 2


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. What a cool little lock! Idk if you remember but I asked you yesterday how I could get in the challenge lock rotation and you said to pm you. Problem I don't know how to pm you if you could email me back at killaken123@gmail.com then I could talk to you.

  2. As for removing the bottom plate on this lock, I made a 2 pin tool for the base that I could use a breaker bar with it. Then I heated the barrel with a torch about mid way down the barrel. I rocked the wrench as I was heating, then there was a pop and the base unscrewed. I was successful on 2 locks but then the one just ripped apart and another one snapped the pins on my tool. Thinking back, I think some of the lock bases were loctited in and others might have used another type of loctite or they could have been swagged or pined. I did this about 10 years ago on one of those long readiness inspections, working a 12 hour night shift in the USAF. One of the other shops dumped a bunch of these locks in our metal scrap bin in the Machine Shop. Being bored to tears, I just had to see how they worked.

  3. […] "U.S. Government Issue"
    = "Made by the lowest bidder." […]

    As my rifle instructor at Ft. Dix used to say, "Never trust your life to the things made by the hands of man – they (machines) are going to fuck up!"
    "Trust in yourself!"

    Now, the U.S. Government, unfortunately, is become the achievement of either low-bidding (career, lawyer-politicians & lobbyists) – of these insufferable two parties…both of whom this lock so horribly-beautifully represents. The oxy is for the morons in Dee Cee!

    It's why we try to 'pick' leaders every four years…'cuz 'they' (ca-rear-end, lawyer-politicos) have convinced so many of we, U.S.of A. citizens that our Constitutional Rights are 'locked-up' and ONLY "the government" has any 'right' to do anything!

    i.e. U.S. Senators are exempt from all laws within the U.S.ofA. A 'law' they had somewhat recently passed for 'emselves…signing President – also.

    We the People need a bigger lock.

  4. this is my fav. lock by far. i love those locks so much. but everytime i bid on one at ebay i lose… cant wait to get one.. love it. and love the video

  5. No, LocksmithArmy send me a message saying they could not be opened with destroying the lock. Apparently, they are threaded on the bottom, then pressed into place hydraulically. The bottom will no longer unscrew so it has to be cut off.

  6. They are nicely made – too bad they don't contain the 6-pin core tho. You probably know this but the "set" means it was part of a 6 pack, all with the same key. The military uses these for gates, lockers & tool box sets & the chain is to keep them from walking away.

  7. Hallis of KP was kind enough to send me one of those barrel locks some time ago. Couple differences as I look at mine: Instead of just "U.S" on the back, mine says "SET U.S. 6842H". Mine also has the chain attached to the shackle. Just picked thru it, felt like 4 serrated, 1 hybrid spool. Ya really can't expect any more resistance from it than an 1100 would. Regardless of the pick-resistance… beautiful lock, eh?

  8. As I recall you were the FIRST to discover that the cores were weakened when Master took over American. I've already promised someone this barrel lock (a collector in Germany) and am not going to gut it – but I'm SURE it has caca for guts. BTW: I'll upload a video on how to improve the crappy sealed 5-pin Master/American core in the 5200s later today. I credited you with figuring out how to open the in the first place. THANKS!!

  9. wow thats sad 🙁 all the ones Ive had had security pins… to open it you must grind the lip off the bottom edge… I have done this… it destroys the lock… the outside of the lock body is crimped around the bottom plate…

  10. I wish that were true, but it looks like the innards of this lock are not very strong. I've noticed that some of the 1200-series American locks also have a 5-pin core (with serrated pins) are easier to pick than the higher number series. Must be something about the cores? If I had some 1200s around I'd disassemble them for a look, but I gave them all away. More will show up tho, no worries.

  11. "I am looking for serrarted pins" and open!!!!! I had one for a while and thought maybe a spanner wrench in the bottom but never could get it open!! Excellent!!

  12. Wow, that is miserable! I'd like to see the core of this one. I suspect that you need to use the two holes on the bottom with a pin spanner to unscrew it.

  13. Nice video…I be happy as hell if I got an American padlock to fall open like that. Maybe its not the lock but your skills are improving.

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