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My “Go Bag”

Top (left to right)

5.11 Rush 72-hour backpack.

Goal Zero Nomad 28w Solar panel (on top of rucksack).

North Face Gortex rain jacket w/scarf and USMC surplus hat on top

3M 6900 Full Face Respirator w/Extra 6001 Organic vapor cartridges beneath

Enhanced MEST Poncho

Emergency Shelter Kit

2 rolled up heavy duty trash bags

Center Row

Granola bars (12)

Oko Water bottle w/internal Level 2 filter


“Wetfire” Fire starter w/flint & steel in waterproof container

SOL Emergency Bivvy bag

Toilet Kit

Green bag containing Electronics

Bottom Row

Brown bag containing stuff to go in my pockets

Detailed map of local area

Trail Mix

Drink Mix

Toilet Paper


Chap stick

Water Spigot “Master Key”.  This opens all residential and commercial spigots.

Red First Aid Kit



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