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Website Improvements


Create a Forum with: Buy/Sell/Trade, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced sections, User video uploads, Tips & Tricks, LockSport events/competitions/classes, good deals, user lock collections, advice & help me!, Working – High Priority

Exploring different Forum software and comment management packages.  Implementation imminent.

“Winners” icon on home pageDone
 Create a page listing all reviews, their ratings, and links to the video. Working – Medium Priority
 Break Lock Picking Course into logical “chunks” for easier navigating.  Offer demonstration videos of techniques for $. Working – Medium Priority

Expect incremental implementation.

 Create a page listing recommended beginner pick kits Working – Medium Priority
Put download buttons on pick templates Working – High Priority
 Find a menu font that is acceptable for all viewing platforms. Mission Impossible…  Comfortable font for phones is HUGE on tablets and laptops.
 http://lock-lab.com/locklab-university/ leads to an empty page?Working – Low Priority  Appears to only be a problem on some portable devices.  Cannot duplicate on desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone.
 Create a download link for the Bosnianbill sign Working – Low Priority
 Update the “Legality of Owning Lock Picks”Working – Low Priority

International audience makes this difficult, but important.

 Create a BlogDone
 Create a Site Map  Working – Medium Priority
 Create a Tools Page (followers, tape, dremel, etc)  Working – Medium Priority
 Long Pages are “mood kill”. Divide them up.  Working – Medium Priority

Expect new pages to be shorter and divided.  Will update older pages as time permits.

 Unclutter Menus Done
 Make “Donation” button more prominent  Done – Placed at top right

Funding pays for web designers to expand, update and modify site.

 “Exclusive” subscription Area  Working – Low Priority

Site is eCommerce ready, but not ready to implement this yet.

 Consolidate Pick Porn and Lock Porn sections – “too long”  Done
 Create a LockLab Store  Working – Low Priority

Site is eCommerce ready, but not ready to implement this yet.

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