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Blog – February 2017


Well, we finally got video #1000 behind us!  I can’t even to begin to describe the hundreds of topic suggestions I received in the weeks leading up to it.  I covered the most popular (and not so practical) ones in the video, but some of them were downright wacky.  Here are some of the ones I didn’t mention in #1000:

  1. Drop a lock off the Empire State building (3 requests)
  2. Connect two locomotives with a chain and lock and see if you can pull it open (6 requests)
  3. Shoot it with a .50 caliber machinegun (41 requests)
  4. Drag it behind your car X miles (7 requests)
  5. Launch it with a giant bungee against a concrete wall (3 requests)
  6. Throw it into an airplane propeller (2 requests)
  7. Drop it into a vat of sulfuric/hydrochloric/other acid (23 requests)

And the list goes on and on with ideas that have two themes in common:

  1. Get bill hurt really bad, or
  2. Get bill arrested

If it’s OK, I’m going to stick to non-destructive, legal openings…

In the past month, I’ve made a number of video production changes, the most obvious should be the audio improvement.  After a video or two and receiving your feedback, I think the gain is finally set about right.  If you have suggestions for improvement (or have audio engineering experience) I’d love to get your feedback.  Inserting the new microphones into my bum doesn’t count (9 requests).

This month I’ve added a couple of new modules to the free lock picking course on the website, namely LP403 – Specializing, and LP500 – Dimple Locks.  These two modules are the natural progression for advanced pickers as you continue to advance your skills.  I’m still working on one more (LP501 – Simple Disc Detainers) and will try to get it done soon.  Other ideas bouncing around in my head include LP502 – Bumping Locks and LP503 – Bypass Tools.  If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll fit it into the queue.

Again,  I appreciate your support AND suggestions for improvements.




  1. Over appx. 10 years I’ve had issues of break ins, changing out locks at least every six months. Watching your videos, helped and hindered. Believing all key holes pickable, I’ve purchased, not yet installed Schage keyless. Now watching how simple to drill out, I’m disappointed. I’m considering keyless manual locks, with combinations. These don not generally include dead bolts. But are they bypass able. Made by Bravex.
    Also, after viewing many of these, I know believe my house is being used as a practice house. Scary enough loosing items from week to week. Most are worthless keepsakes. I’d be nothing but a crazy grey haired old woman to report. Now however they are coming while I’m home. In the night. So far none of them have bypassed my Little Samamri, of the XiJing dinasty, Siamese cat.
    I’d greatly appreciate knowing if the keyless manual push button locks are bypass able

  2. Bill,
    Love your sight, Started picking locks because of this site. My question is: In order to register for the free give away do I need a You Tube account?

  3. Hey Bill! Can you explain what you put on your picks to make them more comfortable? You mentioned it in “(776) Review: Sparrow’s Tuxedo Pick Kit” around 5:55. You called it ‘shrinkwrap’ but I’m not sure I’m clear on what that is because here, or in Australia shrinkwrap is the clear stuff you wrap food in, and looks nothing like what you put on your picks.. If you could clear that up that’d be great because I could really use a slightly more comfortable feel on my picks. Thanks a million

    1. Its a rubber tubing used mainly in electrical applications, when heated, the tubing shrinks and constricts creating a skin like layer of ergonomic goodness for your grabbers. =}
      idk the technical name for it.

  4. Now that it’s video #1,000, how about something that involves a lock and time. For example, An old, easy to pick bike lock that has spent 4 months near a road where salt is used to de-ice roads. Crappy locks become more pick resistant as they are aging. – lol – I can send you one. 🙂

  5. Hey Bill, Do you make a better commission on me watching a video on You Tube or the Lock Lab website? Love your work, You make it look so easy, I am still struggling with a 2 pin practice lock.

  6. Love your videos Bill. Thanks. I never even considered this as a hobby until I stumbled across something you made. I like the new intro videos every week, pretty darn funny. Keep up the good work

  7. Hahaha wtf (airplane prop had me in stitches!). There’s picking and then there’s… well then there just isn’t. Although why use time and skill when you can just thermal lance everything, right?!

  8. Do we have a LockLab mobile, cell phone app yet . . . . …..working on it ??

  9. Bill, can you do a video on vehicle locks. Maybe gutting one and explaining the innerts (construction of the lock, pins etc) ?

  10. Hey Bill, love your videos keep them coming. With every video I learn new tips and tricks. I even completed a home locksmithing course. Love the lock lab Web site and all the resources. Working with the Sparrows training locks now and trying to beat the high low combinations. I think the warding is trapping my pick. I don’t know if it’s my hand technique or tension technique. Any suggestions? I’m up to 5 pins high low high low high combo with standard pins.

  11. Hey Bill,
    your videos have gotten me hooked on lock picking. I even have made a pick and tension wrench my self out of steel banding.

    I have successfully spp’d a master no. 3 and a master discus lock.

    I’m researching ordering a pick set. I might save up for one of the kits from learnlockpicking.com that includes a set of picks.

    I’ve got an American 40mm brass lock that’s marked U.S. that I’m excited to try to pick.

    Thanks for the new hobby!

  12. Hey Bill! I love your videos and your teaching style. I have purchased most of the items on your tool list. I am hugely enjoying the art of lock picking. I could really use some intermediate locks to practice on. I can purchase or pay for shipping. I will be on the lookout for some challenge locks for you as well. Thanks Mike

  13. Hey bill thanks for all the help in the videos you have basically taught me how to pick locks and i have a quick question if you dont mind i am fairly new at the sport and can pick most four and five pin padlocks with no problem raking and also single pin picking and im wanting to start with learning how to pick security pind what locks would you suggest and how many security pins do they have in them and thank you in advance and keep up the awsome work i look forward to your videos!!!

  14. Why people want to see locks disolve in acid is beyond me. Watching acid eat metal is about as fun and time consuming as watching paint dry.

  15. Why would peoples want the locks to be destructed in a harmful way. Seriously, a airplane propeller?

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