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(848) How to Win LockLab’s FREE Stuff!


It reached the point where people were trying to register by email, comment, through the contact link, private messages, and even using the LockLab’s PO box listed in the FAQs!  It was time for a quick video describing exactly how to register to win the free stuff!

First, you’ll notice that there is NO SECRET WORD!  Yeah, it was FUN, but was confusing and frustrating too many folks so it had to go.  All you need now is your email and YT name so I can easily notify the winners.  That’s it.  The techies chained up in the basement assure me that it takes less than 10 seconds, maybe only 2-3 if you have auto-fill turned on.

Another new development is manufacturers are sending in free giveaways.  Believe me, I’m not USED to finding free stuff in the LockLab’s PO box, but I’m sure we’ll have no trouble putting it into the right hands – hopefully YOURS.

Good Luck!






  1. sorry i disagree with your theory about pickguns they are more like playing pool the cue ball hits object ball the two balls split apart but the object ball stays put at least temporarily and the ball that was struck rockets away this is sometimes called stacatto NOT BUMPaction… in my humble opinion

  2. thankyou for this channel i do learn alot from it, i work for a locksmith so its important for me to practice picking alot.

  3. I have watched you on youtube and have learned a lot. I am interested in learning how to open any lock. Nice to see any of them . Do you have online courses on how to pick locks?

  4. Bill, just wanted to let you know I registered for the prizes but twice I had to register again, I’m typing on a cell phone and I mistyped my you tube name. I understand what you said about not signing up multiple times. Just letting you know I’m playing staight. I love your videos, I’ve been picking locks for years but you teach me something new all the time. Question, is there a pick that will work on thoughs REALLY tiny locks, if I make them they break, ideas?

  5. Holiday weekend picking supply sales. Hello Bill and fellow Tribe Members. The LOCKPICKSHOP.COM site has a 15% discount this weekend (2nd-4th) using the code PICNIC2016. Furthermore, UKBUMPKEYS.com has informed me that since the U.K. left the E.U. a few weeks ago, the British Pound is down 10% on the U.S. Dollar. This means that your money goes 10% further (read as: exchange rate isn’t as bad) and now would be a great time to pick up the Dangerfield Serenity kit (my current pocket kit). I hope some of you find this helpful. I’m wishing you all a joyful and safe Independence Day and some good picking!!

  6. Bill you are the teacher of all teachers, and it’s always a pleasure to see you at work bringing us your experience and helpful tips makes it fun to work with locks. I start a locksmiths course in the uk in four weeks and it’s all down to you showing me the way to a new profession.
    Thanks Bill
    Ian skill

  7. Thanks for all your effort and taking the time to break things down when teaching. You are teaching what might become a lost trade/skill.

  8. Great job, I’ve followed your channel for a long while. I find your videos to be very informative and at times a little humorous. Keep up the great work

  9. Keep up the good work bill, my mum says there’s no surprise I like picking reminding me I spent most of my younger years picking after my brain, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge

  10. Hi bill
    I’m looking for a lock pick gun and was wondering if you have used any
    If so what would you recommend? Currently using sparrows picks

  11. I like watching your videos …Oh send me some picks i have never got anything Free Oh a good lock i need 1 master locks. can be open with another Mastkey i have open around 2 there not a very good lockLOL:)

  12. Bill I have 3 questions
    1. Do you have to donate to lock lab to win prizes
    2. After reopening a lock can you use the same key.
    3. Is the news letters being sent yet

  13. strange but you have actually got me interested in picking locks . long live Bill

  14. Hi, from Italy Bill, i’m learning how lock funcion but never try to pick nothing because i’ haven’t a tools , hare is impossible buy , end internet need a credit card, so i’ll wait better time, thanx, ciao Alex

  15. Extra cool that manufacturers and sites selling picks have noticed you and have started to donate too! I started out watching your videos last year when I lost the key to my locker at work (yes,I’ll admit that at the time it was a master lock #3) and needed to find a way in. Long story short, I was hooked… it’s been amazing seeing everything progress from a few hundred views on a video to a dedicated website and a whole tribe! Keep up the great work Bill!

  16. Would love to obtain the Sparrow kit. Sparrow picks are among the best IMHO.

  17. I’m glad to see your touching everyone around the world. Keep up tbe fantastic work.

  18. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom. Still frustrates the he’ll out of me when you make it look so easy. Keep up the good work

  19. been watching yor video`s for a long time now & still do but i`m disabled now & struggle with lockpicking.It`s not stopped me watching you though, i still enjoy the vids you make

  20. Great videos, started lock picking after watching Bosnian Bill on YouTube. Great hobby. Thanks

  21. Awesome deal! Im going to wait and see what the next one is. I have a vorax already i dont need two when im sure someone can use it more but bill your always full of suprises 😉

  22. Thank you Bill, I have been unable to play the other way because it would never get threw my server to my email to send back the confirmation. Now I might have a chance and sure would love a set of Sparrows.

  23. Thanks for teaching me how to pick. It’s gotten me out of trouble more times than I can count.

  24. Am I the only one that can’t find the button to enter? I am on a s3 tablet and the homepage is really glitchy for some reason, all I see are some pictures and a golden background picture of spools, until i start to scroll then I see the text, it’s really odd

  25. Looked at your website in the early-days… and just now had another look. Daayum that is looking mighty fine ! 😀 very well done! Like your vids too man! you are the best at what you are doing :D

  26. How do people know enough about you to know to comment to try to get free stuff, but not enough to listen to hear about your site?


  27. Less free stuff more picking! Thanks for the videos. Can I order a t-shirt through the yt comments? I'll take two XLs and a medium please. Would love to see you redo some of your older high security lock tutorials. Again, thanks for the videos.

  28. bought my southord set because of your videos my good man. Their advertising does work and I know I'm not spending money on crap.

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