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Florian’s Winkhaus Euro Cylinder



Fresh from a German University!  Florian sent several locks that had recently been replaced.  Of the bunch, this looked like the most likely to be picked… The others are on deck, but may end up living in the naughty bucket for a while.  Florian, when you name locks “The Evil Twins” and the keyways look like a heavily warded “C”… well, I need to invent a new pick to deal with them…

Winkhaus makes excellent locks and they are very popular in Europe – I’ve seen them everywhere from South Africa to Tajikistan.  They are made to high tolerances, have a variety of security pins, and usually have heavily warded keyways.  A tough pick, especially the newer 6-pin versions.

I’ve found that the SSDev picks from Sparrows are an excellent choice for gaining access to these paracentric, heavily warded locks.  If you face these types of locks, you really need to have a set of these in your kit.  No, I don’t get a kickback, percentage, or a single penny from these…they are simply good, useful tools priced fairly.

Anyway, this one is going out the door to the lucky winner.  Good luck, you’re gonna need it!




  1. Oooh Yea guys! I can’t wait to pick this lock i won 🙂 Supper happy!! thanks Bill! I am also loving the new website. really great!

    1. i must add i am now looking forward to my purchase of the ssdev hooks! I was just saying to the old lady how id like a lock from Europe! Bill id also like to thank you for teaching your skills. I came across your channel a little while ago in the hopes of finding someone to teach me how to lock pick and Bam! Bill ended up being the perfect teacher! Thanks a lot as i hope to make a small career out of lock picking!

  2. Another nice pick job. I would not have believed a pick could get up through that warding. Thanks for the lesson!

  3. The SS dev pick worked really well. looked like it would be a hard lock to crack. Thanks for another great video

  4. I would like to try my hand at picking a euro lock, Wish you had gutted it and would have liked to see more about the extra dimples on the key-never saw or heard about that before.

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