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(697) Adrian Weber’s New Abus 72/30


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Arent circuit boxes a big deal? people route cables around meters for free electricity. I know having a key in EU for one is quite a big deal.

  2. oh from german:) i come from german too and look all your viedeos.i will learned i too but i dont find good picks… so i watch your viedeos its interesting enough :)

  3. similar to the 72/40 in several ways, but I think that that the 72/30 would actually make a better practice lock and transportable challenge lock due to the lack of tools for teardown. Swap some of key pins and drivers for some crazy alien technology and you have a fun, lightweight travelling headache for your friends. Great to see Adrian in there as well.

  4. hello Bosnianbill and everyone I am a new picker a (about a month) and ive also started making my own challenge locks Im looking for advice on where to get (reasonably inexpensive) locks and pins and picks and how to find other pickers who would like to trade off challenge locks and just any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks guys !!

  5. What is the difference between the peterson eagles nest and peterson ghost pick sets?
    (I'm thinking about getting one of these but don't know which one would be better.)

  6. Note that Adrian's Abus 72/30 is not a general purpose padlock. It is a small safety lockout device intended to disable industrial machinery while being serviced under OSHA requirements. It is the 1-1/4" version of their larger 72/40 1-1/2" model. These are stocked in depth by Abus USA in Denver. For a similar general purpose padlock consider the excellent Abus 83AL Series 2 Titalium (aluminum) which has all the outstanding features of their other 83 Series 2 rekeyables.

  7. Hey Bill nice video's i have just started to pick locks as a kind of hobby, beats a rubic's cube 🙂 i done my fist padlock with a hairclip and bit of wiper blade i was so chuffed at my success, most of which is down to watching your video's. the question i have for you is this, i am looking to buy a starter set of picks in the UK are you able to suggest any brands or even reputable sites in the uk that i could use?

  8. Not bad gents… Only kidding. Great video Billiam and Adrian. Great to see you again Adrian. Not had mail from you for some time and things are getting dust on you sent me for a video (to do) Never mind…. How is Mr Q?

  9. Thanks for posting these videos, you have also inspired me to take up this hobby. After watching many, many of your videos, I purchased the Southord PXS – 14 kit and in less than an hour picked a cheap Chinese padlock (bypassed it) a master 140, a BHP deadbolt and a Binks 70 series round lock. Thanks again…oh and nice speed loader in the background :)

  10. Such a fun hobby.  My 11 year old son is now picking TITALIUMS with ease.  He gets them open with his little snake rake… still doesn't have the feel for single pin picking with a hook, but he'll get there sooner or later.

  11. Bill & Adrian,                       Papa Gleb mentioned depressing the detent pin by drilling a small hole. In the video the key remained turned at all times. Surely the pin will not depress UNLESS the key is turned? Would like to know, thanks.Regards, Brian.

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