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(684) Review: Assa Training Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. It would appear that these Assa Training Lock are no longer available. If anyone has info to the contrary, please post it here!

  2. from stiglocks..r to bill you know it makes sense to do a lott more videos I know u might b busy butt every one including me love ur videos so please make some more thanks bill stiglocks..r England

  3. That really is a GREAT challenge/learning lock! Had to buy one after this video. I got it in the mail a week and a half ago and it has handed me my ass since receiving it!

    Great recommendation. Thanks for this (and all your other) videos +bosnianbill !

  4. Purchased one of his locks that just came online today.  Should be fun to experiment with.  Jimu57, tease Bill a bit and he might pin it up and pick it on camera.  LOL

  5. Quick request (no pun intended…)

    KwikSet Smartkey padlock… Much harder than the Master locks I learned on! I'm assuming there are spools on every pin 🙁

    Both picking videos I watched had the same commentary. "This is the first time I picked it on camera before I ran out of memory."

    It took me several hours of off and on picking to get mine open (SPP and raking) but I'm no expert! In the end, I was switching to top tension when the lock finally turned. I must've had it so close that it just took a little extra tension to get it to finally slip the last pin into place.

    So frustrating!

  6. might have to check on one of those  a bit later , I just looked when I started watching this Video and jimu57 is currently sold out (Hint, Nudge… jimu, if ya see this let me know if and when you are going to put more up again )

  7. Bill, 
    i was/am one of those newbies you speak of. I have yet to pick a couple of your locks but wont give up. I am saving up and building my collection to someday become a locksmith. anyways, i just wanted to say thank you! you are such a great teacher and you're why i started doing this in the first place. i snagged your mailing address off the box i got and am putting together a "thank you" package with a hand made bogota set (files only not grinders) and some other goodies i think you might like. it should be in the mail in the next few weeks, maybe a month. any locks you like to collect? or maybe a tool you need? 

    with respect,
    R.D. Rotthoff

  8. LOL.  I knew that was you.  Thanks for the video support. I didnt expect that. I should have sent you one as a giveaway.  I might still do that.  Great video.  But you didnt pick it open.  :)

  9. ok I'll ask here not knowing where to go . who do I talk to about best locks and how they are held together. I have odd one on my hands here for a nub. ty

  10. Thank you Bill and right on time too. No more than an hour ago I was looking at this listing thinking is it worth it or not and now I have my answer. 

  11. Bill you are a true lock picking gentleman. Always looking out for new ideas and stuff to help newbies out. I have benefited from your finds and advice. There are a lot of people out there who give little or no thought for new pickers, or give vague advice. Please keep it up bill and thank you for all your vids.

  12. oooo man dont think they ship to Canada  i want a ASSA,,,i just got a huge lot of Medeco  locks and parts on ebay tho alot of great deals,,,if anyone wants to trade stuff shoot me a message

  13. Well, that's quite the nice starter kit for a beginner, it could make a nice challenge too. I always did prefer homemade pins though.

  14. thanks for sharing bill im a relevantly new picker and set out to pick a wafer lock on a safe and then found the wonderfull world of lock sport and have only picked 2 locks so far will order one of these when i sell my old graphics card :D

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