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(636) Abus 83WP/53 Extreme (Thanks Schaeffer!!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey, new to locks but I want to invest in the highest quality lock you would use, price is not an issue. I've been watching your channel and it seems like there are no safe locks, even the most expensive ones. I am looking for an all around use, nothing specific. Please help!

  2. hey bill how did those coffin keys from sparrows work out. are they a better quality than the usual sets. i been wanting to buy a set but cant decide which one to go with the sparrows or southord what do you prefer is better.

  3. Hey I ive been watching your videos for a whee whiley now and love them! But i was wondering if you could do a video for complete beginners. So like if could explain what all the lingo is etc. 

  4. I just picked my first lock! I got my lockpicks five days ago and have been trying to pick an old CISA padlock every afternoon and finally got it picked, I guess it's time to throw away my keys now and enter the world of lockpicking for real.

  5. The 'Z' shaped symbol actually means that it is the second version of the 83 series which introduced some modifications to the internal cam mechanism and the "Z-bar" which is a part that can be moved to change the lock between key retaining and non-retaining. The 'Z' symbol represents the shape of the new Z-bar but is pronounced "2".

  6. The series Z mark doesn't mean key retaining all the time, it was to do with changes they made to the inner workings of the lock which also required changes to the key retaining bar which became a Z shape rather than an S shape hence why a lot of locksmiths will call them Z series. Other changes included a single piece drive cam rather than the old two piece and a spring retainer plate for the return spring and a bypass guard which was not present on very early locks as it was technically not needed. You will also find anti drill hardened steel pins in Z series 83 and up as standard, no longer an option(the holes have always been in the cores but now they are populated from the factory) Overall the upgrade was mainly quality of life for locksmiths, preventing that annoying wasted padlock when the apprentice forgot one of the pieces of the drive cam, or even worse didn't put it in perfectly causing the lock to fail 6 months later when the main screw loosened off and the cam fell apart. I really do need to send you one of my customised ABUS cores one day.

  7. I Love ABUS a lot too my favorite lock in my collection is the ABUS 83/45 with the 300 core have you sent this lock off to anyone yet or back to schaeffer? Cuz if not I'd love to try it out of you want to send it someone

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