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(950) Review: Amazon 29-Piece Pick Set (JUNK)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Well, it depends on what gender your talking to about “size mattering” . . . . . lol 😂😅 i bet that $35 of junk is made in China/Mexico !!

  2. Yo Man you shouldn’t bash other peoples products its a nice kit lasted about 3 years and still going strong

  3. When I first learned to pick in the 70’s you couldn’t buy them at all, when I started out I was given a bunch of broken hacksaw blades and a file.
    I bought a goso kit when I decided to start picking again, the z tensioners were punched out so there was 2 in one direction and 2 mirrored, when you look at 2 ‘identical ones’ the sharp edges were opposite, ie. reversed direction.
    I bought a Southord C2010 set about a week later for not much more and haven’t looked back.
    Don’t buy cheap assed chinese crap, never ever, just don’t!
    Nice cook up, I hope the fumes from all that titanium plating weren’t dangerous.

  4. Such a sad little fire, Bill. Surely you can secure an AN/M14 for a proper Viking funeral for bad gear!

  5. Hello: Beginners, listen in. I've asked several pro-lock pickers what does counter rotation mean? None have replied. I believe they are talking in secret code. Anyone knows that counter rotation means, `I was so pissed last night, the counter in the pub was rotating.’ One would expect lock pickers to use a secret code when they talk to one another. Regards.

    1. When you push up on the pin, it will cause the plug to rotate against the direction you are applying torque.
      So it’ll push back on the tensioner, ‘countering’ the rotational torque you are applying.

  6. Hey bill. the first lock pick "set" i bought had one of those cheap training locks with it. Back then i didnt knew if i would have any fun with lockpicking and so i didnt want to spend 50€ on a good training lock and another 50€ on a good set of picks. So i spent less than 15€ on junk and honestly for someone who never picked before it was acutally quite nice. True its very easy to break and you will only lean the very beginning from it. But its still better than paying hundred bucks just to find if you even like that hobby.

  7. Hey BosnianBill that clear lock is actually useful because u can make security pins from the pins in it bye opening the lock getting a tension wrench/pick and putting it in the hole and push the plate off and you can make some security pins :D

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