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(84) Review: Falle-Safe Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I was taught to pick double sided wafer locks with the adjustable ones, a long time before the internet and EBay, mail ordered from UK I think.

  2. I bought a cheap lockpick kit just to play around with, but only comes with one big fat tension wrench that's useless for most locks, and I was hoping to just go on ebay and get a pack of cheap tension wrenches but they don't allow any lock picking gear to be sold.
    So now I've got to find somewhere selling cheapo tension wrenches and don't want to spend more than a few Dollars including shipping.

  3. Thanks for the info. I know that this is a older video, and I am going thought your videos to keep up on your videos . but I have not seen you use them, did you find that they are not worth your time. ?

  4. Bill, do you know of any where else that sells something like those adjustable tension wrenches from that set? I like the fixed ones as well but those adjustable ones look like they would be a great tool to have. Having to have a flat bottom to the lock is certainly a negative but those adjust able tension wrenches look great. I'd love to find a set that could be purchased separately. Thanks. Great video as usual.

  5. Just found oyur videos tonight! Great to watch I have learned alot fo theory in a couple of hours! Will no doubt pick up some picks soon! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have only bought inexpensive Chinese picks to start with. The finish on them is terrible but for the price – I don't mind re-finishing them myself. For the more expensive one's – I too would want exceptional finishing on them considering the profit they must make on these. I will reward myself with better picks when my skills improve as an incentive. I'm studying all of your great video's to improve my method's. Thank you for being so kind as to share your knowledge. I have some GOSO bare metal handled picks which were rough as a cats tongue but they feel nice now with some Dremelling. I have used some electricians heat shrink tubing on the handles and they do feel good in the hand now ! The set you are showing here do look really good !

  7. A detailed and honest review, nice job Bob. The #1 pick with no curve is used as a spike to open certain padlocks and is used to check for pin breaks.
    The rakes are not rakes they are manipulators, I have opened many padlocks by gently rocking/maneuvering these tools on the pin stack. 

    They are perceived to be expensive however laser cutting isn't a cheap process and the volume of production is not too big and they aren't mass produced in China like many sets are. There isn't much of a margin in making these tools.
    I've used these sets for many years and I've never had a problem with the finish, in fact I've just pulled a new set out the locker and the finish is fine as is the material on the wallet, however I will not/cannot vouch for the early ones.

    Nothing in Falle Security tools is there for cosmetics, they all have reason behind them, the different picks are for different techniques. We don't put identical tools into camouflage cases and call them 'special ops commando pick' sets, we don't rearrange and repackage the tools as a shallow attempt to sell more to gullible locksmiths

    The sets are available from http://www.safeventures.com, there is no great secrecy about who they are made for and I believe they are a joy to use.

    Also I have HPC as well as others, and why not….again, a very good and imformative review Bob

  8. John Falle is such a genius in the world of non-destructive entry, that he has been forced to work out of an extremely heavily guarded lab on the island of Jersey, and the majority of his products are protected under the Official Secrets Act!

  9. 350$ and you don't even get a good finish? That and the way the tension wrenches were bent shows the real quality. Anyone can cheap out on a case, but when you leave sharp edges on your parts that's just shoddy work. 

  10. Great review Billy Boy, have you made any videos of these in use? Maybe some links or even the video number would be great….

    Peace n Tanks 

  11. Now here's a dude with common sense!! Something that seems to be lacking a LOT in people nowadays. Thank goodness!! There's still a glimmer of hope for the general population!! Excellent review!!

  12. nice review bill, i have this set and its great.. our UK set has a few extras the US set doesnt, we have lever lock picks and lever lock tensioner. hit me up if you would like a picture,

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