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(46) Review: American Padlock Bypass Tools by Peterson


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Something that would divert the probes off to the side and into the case, like a SS ball bearing in the way maybe.

  2. What kind of locks can you use bypass tools on? I just started lockpicking a couple of weeks ago and my uncle gave me his old set that had some bypass tools with it.

  3. I just did a video on how to mentally decode the American Lock date codes in seconds, easily, without the need for cheat sheets. It's a system I came up with. People seem to be enjoying it in the forums. anyways great video, just got my bypass tool in the mail today!

  4. Interesting how it works and the history about how the lock manufacturers and pick makers both in effect motivate each other to improve their products and innovate.

  5. i find it funny that some people comment on these videos saying how it'd just be easier to destroy the lock in some crazy way. of course it would be. no need to get all high on yourself because you thought of that. these videos are about lockpicking as a hobby, not an actual criminal activity. this guy's actually made several videos warning consumers about certain brands and showing how to prevent criminals from breaking into things.

  6. After seeing this, I quickly went to my garage and looked for an OLD AMERICAN 700 Series lock I've had for years!! (I opened it up and removed the inside)
    its dated RFF (September 99) To my amazement, it had a wafer inside!!

  7. last year i had my motorcycle stolen i had cheap wheel locks on it this year i went out and bought one of those American locks  with a 3/4 diameter  link steel chain  and was going to chain my bike to a tree now  that wont work and i need to know the improvement for that lock because my lock was almost $50 by itself

  8. Thanks bill, yeah I'll consider that for lower Risk apps like grab n go robberies of stuff in truck bed. One other question. Is the six pin schlage that looks like the locks in this video same cylinder design?

  9. Thanks for replies. Is the ABUS 83/55-300 worthless with the schlage C cylinder? Can a different cylinder be used in that body? Zero bitter body is cheap. Cylinder seems weak point. 

  10. Good grief. You better have a bunch of handcuff keys on your person when you do this as it takes so long every cop in the neighborhood will be standing there watching you. This is fine for working in a locksmith shop, but how many criminals are gonna fart around taking all that time to defeat the lock? Answer: none. They will take along a portable Roto Zip with a metal cutting wheel and that shackle will be gone in a matter of seconds. This video may be technically interesting, but it is real world useless. Bottom line is ANY lock can be defeated with the proper tools and equipment.

  11. @scrabbytoy1 next time I see one of these I have to remove ill cut it off with my 42" bolt cutters that stay in the van rather than pick it just for you… It's a great lock but not an abloy 362 or something monster like that.

  12. I'll tell you why. Those shackles are super thick and I'm 99.9999999% sure made of haredened steel. 1.) They don't make "standard" BOLT cutters that will cut that lock shackle and 2.) 10 guys don't have enough muscle in their asses to cut that schacle. Now, that being said, I HAVE seen "hydraulic" rebar cutters that'll cut 1" diameter in about 15 seconds but, A.) they're noisey and B.) you have a table to work on. Best to plug in a big cut-off 1/2 HP saw & throw sparks everywhere for an hour.

  13. Mr. Bill: I only "play" w/ Standard, Yale, etc., & shim cheap dial locks w/ shims I've made from heavy black paper clip steel & tin snips. (it's surprising the curve in the big paper clips almost matches the curve of the shackle!) I plan to buy proffesional "shims" soon. My REAL question to U is: "R a set of PADLOCK (not auto) {Jigglers} worth spending the money on"? I would buy from a quality dealer to get the best steel, but DO THEY WORK? I have snap gun I've never been able to pop a lock w/.

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