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(111) Review: Peterson Phoenix Ultimate GSP Pick Set (Soon To Be Released)


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  1. Hey Bill, I'm thinking about getting this set in a few days, will it be ok for mainly euro locks? Or is this a bit overkill?I live in London UK so just checking it won't be half unused. Cheers!

  2. Hey Bill, I currently have just purchased this set , the Ultimate Phoenix. Got it in the mail about few days ago. I used 3 or 4 picks to open several different locks and after a long few hours of considerations I have decided there are too many picks that I wouldn't be using in the set so I would rather sell it than keep it.The whole set is brand new but like I said I've used a few picks and after talking to some representatives from Peterson they said that the picks are now used and most likely wouldn't pass inspection for return since the few items have been used. I'm probably going to put the pick set up on eBay I guess, unless u have room in your inventory for it. Letting it go for $200 to get it gone and also have 4 extra Peterson picks to throw in there . I can send a ton of pics of the set and of every pick in there so u know everything is legit. Anyways let me know if u are interested in the set . Merry Christmas

  3. Hey Bill UPS should be dropping off my Peterson set today. Work is gonna drag lol. But what do you recommend to finish the edges with? What would you use? Thanks again for all the great videos.

  4. I love your videos. I used to do locksmith work years ago and look at it as my first love. No longer in the industry, I watch your videos for nostalgic reasons and it makes me feel all warm inside. I may need professional help. Seriously, thanks for what you do.

  5. Hey Bill: Just went to the Peterson website. They had a warning saying they only sell to  licensed locksmiths, Police, and towing company's. They basically mention that you can be convicted if you buy and not authorized! What gives? Has anyone out there bought from them "Not Authorized"?

  6. Just checked out the different sets. They did modify somewhat. Still no bogies included. That would have been a much better set(s).

  7. Thanks for the elaborate review, Bill! I purchased one recently because of your video and love the kit. I included the Peterson mini knife as you suggested and asked them for their planned Bogota's. They made three versions and had them in stock (not on the website, though). Ordered all three Bogota's too. So if you feel a money spending urge coming up, they're finally in stock! 

  8. Thanks, Bill.

    I've also just noticed another curious omission from the set.

    The 'Lifter Pick 1' (LP1-GSP) is missing from the DCAP line included in the set (youtu.be/i2d5_NpZ7AM?t=4m). I find that strange since it's such a popular pick, and I believe it would have been an appropriate pick to include in the "Ultimate".

    Maybe I'll include ….. mind you, that tri-fold case looks REALLY packed!

  9. You are correct, there is a Peterson "knife" in the kit that is used for bypassing unshielded padlocks. I mis-spoke in the video – I meant to say "mini-knife", which is made from very thin steel. It is most commonly used to bypass combination locks (like the Master 175 & 176) and decode other combination locks. I just looked at the Peterson website and the kit does not include a mini-knife. Despite not having a mini-knife I intend to buy a kit for myself for my birthday…

  10. Hi Bill, many thanks for the really comprehensive review. It's the only one out there that I can see.

    I got 2 questions I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with before I buy:

    1. You recommend (15:30) the set to include a Peterson Knife. However, there's a knife tool included in the set (08:55). Differences? Is the included knife tool not .015"/.010" spring steel?

    2. Have you seen any changes to the set since the pre-release set you reviewed here?

    Many thanks for all your great work.

  11. (cont. 2.) So I don't want to spend money on the black ones I'll barely be able to use.
    I already have 5 of the blue ones so the slimmest ones are covered. As I said I'm looking for all-round general set for euro locks. 🙂
    (And thanks a lot for the advice! 🙂 )

  12. Well I only meet Euro profiles since I live in Europe and they are a lot tighter then the US ones. Most of the keyways I meet is E1R para but there are some EVVA-s, Gera and gege-s thrown in. I'm looking for a versatile "everyday" pickset, but I'm afraid I won't really be able to use the 0,025" thick black ones. (I have my eyes on the silver phoenix set) I'm considering Southord Maxx's slimmer "euro" line, those are somewhat thinner (0,023").

  13. I do a lot of work overseas and find myself carrying the black handle (0.24") and blue handle (0.15") of each hook type. Usually, I can get away with using the "thick" pick, even in euro cylinders. On the rare occasion that I can't, I fall back on the blue handles. Another choice are the "DCAP" picks. They are DESIGNED for the euro profiles and work quite well. Unfortunately, there is only one size hook in the DCAP kit. If you work only with really narrow keyways, stay with the blue.

  14. Hey bill,
    I just watched all your reviews on pick sets and I think I'm gone go for one of the Peterson sets. Did you tell them they should include that knife and a couple of rakes?

  15. I agree. If I didn't already have a pile of picks sitting around… I DO like the DCAPs and the new hooks though & have placed an order for them. I also like the electroless nickel finish – it seemed much smoother – so will probably buy it as my old picks break.

  16. Nice review Bill. Seems like a pretty good deal if you are looking to buy a full set rather than make your own or settle for the cheap variety.

  17. We just sent out an introductory special offer for both the Platinum Set and for the Ultimate Set that you reviewed. Just add this to the end of the header of the peterson web site. /PLATULTSP.html

  18. Bill:

    Thank you for your review.

    The Government Steel in these picks is actually rounded on the edges. While there may be some subtle irregularities, the overall "slickness" of these picks is a new standard for the industry. They "glide" through a keyway.

    Thes picks are passivated after tumble / polishing (removes some surface materials leaving a thin coating of pure nickel to prevent oxidation). Abrasive operations could reduce their future surface sheen.

    Thanks again,


  19. No real difference in performance. I like the "normal" pick style because it fits into my cases neatly. I carry a traditional Bogota set in my wallet for "emergencies". If you get the Sparrows, get both – I find the "worm" (their word for it) fits into many of the keyways that the "fake bogota" can't squeeze into. I really like the Sparrows rakes, but am not excited about their hooks – of course, tools are very personal & everyone has an opinion. Many LOVE their hooks, just not me.

  20. Bill, those last two rakes you showed… the ones by sparrow that you said you would add…. they look a lot like the Bogota rakes i have seen… is there any difference ( besides price )…. thanks….. gotta love toy work man simply the best….

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