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(1065) Review: BumpSchool’s 15-Key Best Bump Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bosnian Bill’s Las Vegas win big technique. How much does the Nevada gaming commission & Chamber of Commerce pay you, Bill? The longer I am there the broker I get, unless I am actually working.

  2. Have not watched much on bump keys. If they work well doesn’t that take some of the fun out of learning picking. Would a bump key be something a professional lock smith would use?

  3. It,’s…” bitch picking ”….’Bill,…don’t get politically correct on us…………because,… The tribe is not……..

  4. I’m new to all this, watching a long time and just got my first quality pick kit. It seems everyone I see using a bump key takes a long time. Is there a faster way or is a bump key the fastest to open a door. Not looking for any wrong activity, but this activity requires a lot of time and actual effort to become good. Thanks Bill

  5. Instead of a pick try a tension wrench and a can of compressed air to flutter the pins ,be patient it will work

  6. I’ll just monkey rake and save my money. I think Bill’s Vegas analogy may be flawed. Usually if I get ahead, I need to walk away, while I am still ahead. Ever since the “shuffle king” constant card shuffling machines came into use, I just stopped going to Vegas. The few casinos that do not use a “Shuffle King” will usually ask me to leave, and a few may still refuse me entry.

  7. God Bless you I don’t know nothing about this sport but from what I’ve seen it picks my brain lol

  8. Love the look of the bump hammer more than the keys. I need to play and bump a few more locks as not done so for a while.

  9. Something for folks to keep in mind as well, those castration bands / doughnuts are VERY important, as SFIC keys don't have shoulders, they're stopped with a tip stop plate on the back of the cylinder, and most are just pinned in with no other retainer clip… You DO NOT WANT YOUR BUMP KEY HITTING THAT BACK PLATE!!! If you drive the bump key too far into the keyway, and damage that pin stop plate on the rear of the cylinder, you can basically jam the whole thing up so bad that drilling, possibly with your bump key still locked up inside the keyway, is the only unlock available, even if you can get your bump key out, the actual key will often no longer work… (found that out the hard way a few years ago after thinking, "no reason SFIC cores shouldn't be bump-able)… When done correctly however, I've found that MOST cores that will bump, TEND to open to control.

  10. So glad you found a use for those G keyway cores I sent you, Bill.
    Had a good chuckle when I saw them. Stay safe, and stay legal.

  11. Unfortunately due to the design of SFIC cores bumping can and will do a lot of damage to them. This is due to the way they keys are stopped in the lock. The tip of the key has a notch on the bottom and this hits the little plate on the back of the cores and stops the key in the right place.

    Repeated bumping can bend this plate out and render the core useless. Newer cores have a removable clip in place instead so it can be replaced but if you are trying to bump a core in a lock you can lock yourself out.

  12. Bill, where do I get more of that closing sequence?

    It looked as though the fire work was slowed down slightly and paced to the music which just made it that much more enjoyable.

  13. Very good detail on Best locks, Bill. Videos like this one are why I set up a $10 monthly bill-pay (not a pun) on my bank account to you.

  14. is it legal for a non certified lock smith to buy bump keys? I noticed some sites say in the disclaimer you cannot buy them. with that being said I made my own bump key for a g keyway. I don't use the dough nuts I pull it out every time. ive gotten rather good at bumping those locks I only bumped to control once. I have noticed that some best cores I cannot for the life of me bump and those are what I think was some type of lock out tag out locks that I got from a yard sale. anybody have any ideas as to why?

  15. ….. P locks do exist. I also know why you will not get a P bump key. I work at an electrical utility and we use P locks everywhere. All employees have a P key, they are not distributed outside of the utility. It has been in use for more then 20 years that I know of, most likely longer.

  16. hi bill, this looks like a best -improved type? or still the same?. we have almost discontinued these I.C cores of falcon and best, due to its second layercore which is so thin and it breaks up in a high traffic environment..yes picking is quite a challenge, and bumpkeyying needs a key stopper, but then….raking produce results..and mostly extract the I.C. core itself lots of time. regards.

  17. Ya know what I like about u bill is ure "il give it a go' type of filming. Your a man with a heck of a lot of knowledge and it just proves u don't have to be a pro editor/filmer to be a successful you tuber. Keep up the great vids mate!!

  18. Can't call it "bitch-picking" because of youtubes new adsense rules. They will only allow advertisements on family friendly channels.

  19. bill im new to the channel relatively… can you explain why picking to the control equals an open? it seemed to me that even when swapping out cores with control, the lock stays locked until operator is opened. When you have the core removed is it easy to unlock from within?

    1. I imagine that even if you can’t get the lock open after getting the control, you should be able to swap out the core for one of your own that you have the key to.

  20. I've seen people use tension wrenches on the bump key to turn them. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to using your technique over a tension wrench? Thanks for the videos.

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