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You WON!!

Winners of LockLab’s FREE drawings

For lock pick sport supplies in Australia and New Zealand
You can enter each contest one time per week. If you spam the forms you’ll be banned from all giveaways.  Forever.
You have 30 days to claim your prize after receiving the email notification.

All giveaways are listed on the homepage above the first article.

If you’re picked I’ll email you for your shipping address and your package will be sent within a week (normally)

April 2018

Date Giveaway Prize User Shipped
 04/02/18 Monday Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Tactical Entry Set M.Levin TBD
 04/04/18 Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo KitMartin Undone 04/06/18
 04/06/18 Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale Kit David Eliste 04/12/18
 04/06/18SPECIAL#1 Huge Pile of Stuff! George Stuart IV 04/06/18
 04/06/18SPECIAL#2  Huge Pile of Stuff! Damn James Ramsay TBD
 04/06/18SPECIAL#3  Huge Pile of Stuff! CJLittleDude 04/06/18
 04/07/18 Saturday Generic Dimple Lock Pick Set (JUNK) Paul Weirell TBD
 04/09/18 Monday Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Tactical Entry Set Evan Sjlund 04/12/18
 04/11/18 Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Kit Jeff Friz 04/12/18
 04/13/18 Friday  SPECIAL: Bowley Prototype 543 Padlock Nathan Martins 04/17/18
 04/14/18 SaturdayOttoLock Bike Lock Arthur Resong TBD
 04/16/18 Monday Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Tactical Entry Set Povl Murphy TBD
 04/18/18 Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Kit Beowolf1017 TBD
 04/20/18 Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale Kit jjjonboiii TBD
 04/21/18 Saturday SunLite Bike Lock (Viro Giveaway) TBD TBD
 04/23/18 Monday Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Tactical Entry Set TBD TBD
 04/25/18 Wednesday Sparrows Tuxedo Kit TBD TBD
 04/27/18 Friday Sparrows Tuxedo Royale Kit TBD TBD
 04/28/18 Saturday Want a sneak peek? TBD TBD
 04/30/18 Monday Mad Bob’s Ghost Pro Tactical Entry Set TBD TBD
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