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(688) Kaba 8 – The EZPZ Way…


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I was wondering what that "pick" was for! I have one of those GOSO sets and it is barely worth it. Although i was able to pick my vehicle ignition in about 60 seconds, my wife was shocked at how fast I was able to do that!

  2. You mention that the pick you use is the only one from that set that is worth using. Can you elaborate as to why. It looks like part the set I have and have found with a little work most are usable (not great but usable) And thanks for the videos they have been a great help.

  3. +Bosnianbill I am fairly (Very) new to lockpicking and my dad just gave me a bunch of locks to practice on, Most of which are MasterLock.  Now I did find one lock in the bunch that besides it being MasterLock I see absolutely no way of getting it picked.  The keyway spins so I cant tension it and even if I could I see no pins inside in any form that I have seen before.

    Despite watching a lot of your videos I have never seen a lock like this one but I have come to learn that any lock is pickable given the right tools/methods. Just wondering if you know what Master Lock I am looking at (It has no markings/numbers) and if so can you direct me to any vids that may help me crack the code on this one

  4. I'm new to lock picking and I only have a paperclip tension wrench and a paperclip lock pick and I need some suggestions on what lock would be good to pick for beginners

  5. Just like to say bill, I really enjoy your channel, I believe I've watched almost every video you've done and I've really learned a lot!, although yes I am I beginner wondering if you have any old locks I may be able to practice on? Can't ever hurt to ask, thank you again for all your great knowledge and I love your channel! Joe from massachusetts

  6. Bosnianbill, I have a good ol' brass Master Lock with a set of keys you would not believe… Ok coming from Master you would, but it looks basically like a set of blanks just one prominent notch. I'd like to send you a picture and see if you'd like to trade, it's still in it's package unopened. I also have a few lock videos my buddy filmed and edited.. check em' out! And THANK YOU for all your videos, I watch them all the time either I learn or laugh. Let me know on the Master Lock!

  7. Great work on all your videos! Thanks for the hard work! I have a padlock, "Home" i think its from home hardware in Canada. Im having a super tough time picking. Can i send it to you? Thoughts? Thanks again

  8. Question: I have an old quickset dead bolt that I got off of one of my doors after replacing the locks when I pick it it only takes me about 3 seconds of jiggling the pick around not even worried about the pins for it to unlock does this mean that the lock is broken?

  9. Hey love the videos. I just started in the hobby a few weeks ago and have been watching all your videos. Very helpful to say the least. I'm big into RC helis and to be honest my LP practice has actually made me a better pilot. All the fine tune movement of my fingers while trying to read a lock has actually made my 3d flying more crisp. Pretty cool. Then I noticed your into rc (quads)as well. Great minds think alike 😉 I picked my first 5 pin schlage deadbolt for the first time tonight. Huge adrenaline rush love this hobby as much as I do flying my 700 class helis. Aweasome keep up the aweasome videos 

  10. Bill! I absolutely love your videos. I have never lockpicked before but I'm extremely into puzzles. You have inspired me to start learning how to pick locks. I currently am using hairpins that I've bent to try and pick. Would I be able to purchase a set of picks off of you? I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. Thank you very much for the great video's extremely helpful. I'm a newbie to lock picking and I've learned so much from your videos I had to say something. Your videos are unmatched in my eyes and I'm extremely great full you take the time to make them.keep up the great work..p.s I've watched everyone multiple times

  12. Hi, Bosnian bill I've have been picking a Challenging lock but it's not that challenging I've picked it like almost 10 times its a American lock that I found but if you have any locks that I can pick and that they are really challenging lock I'll sure appreciate it.


  13. I just bought a lock pick set and a lot of the picks I haven't seen before. I'm new to this!! I was hoping you could do a video going over different types of picks such as scissor style pick I have no idea of how to use them.

  14. here is a challange/question lock for you mr. bill ,, sorry i can not send this to you right now but i guess you are such an expert that the pic alone is enough.

    here r the links of two locks that i have not been able to pick so far.



    because of the fact that the keyway has a small barrel/round shaped object which rotates with the key then only we can access the levers but the problem is if i get the tension tool in then there is no way for the pick to enter.

    help me out guys…….this type of locks are giving me sleepless nights.
    if possible make a video.
    that would be highly appreciated.


  15. Hi Bosnian Bill, Thanks for talking about your vise. You get a lot more locks than I who must be surrounded by trees and water in Northern Minnesota. I'd be willing to buy some of your locks plus there would be candy made by me. I'm  a novice lock picker. I love the way it feels when you pick one.. No feeling like it. I saw your How to start out .
    Thanks not near as good a picker  as I am Chocolatier. I'd pay you and give chocolates jimmy c

  16. Do you habe an email I can comtact you on? Maybe I'm missing it because I'm on a mobile devixe but I habe an idea to
    make locks morenpick prood andni want to send you my blueprints for yoj tk review… And probly debunk…

  17. Hey Bill, I'm wondering if you have any spare locks hanging around that you'd be willing to ship out to a fan to practice on. I bought a brand new Kwikset Smartkey padlock and I've only been able to get it open twice in the last 4 days just out of complete luck. The damn thing is full of serrated and maybe a few spools as well so I need to step down the challenge a little. Let me know if you'd be willing to work with me on this.

  18. Hey im a beginner picker and based within the UK our most common lock here is just a Yale Tumbler and pin but I still cant even rake it… Help. 

  19. Hey Bill, do you have already tried to open Kaba 4000 (or up series), and Keso?
    They're both dimple lock.
    Want some details or vids ?

  20. I have an American series 1105 that I don't have the key for. I got the core out and am looking to change it. Where can I find core and key combinations to make said lock secure.

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