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(464) How to Bump Locks Containing Security Pins


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hahaha, I just read one of your comments- bump locks work around 25% to 30% of the time. (Very good to know, thank you!)
    I really hope you don't get the same questions too much of the time!

  2. I was always fascinated by locks and lock picking. After watching a bunch of your videos I decided it would be a fun hobby to try picking some old locks at home.

    I think I'll start out with a basic set of lock picks, much like the one you displayed in your beginner's video.

    I also have a question about your experience with tools: Does using a rake or bump key usually have a higher rate of success in basic locks than other tools?
    I think picking pins with the hook would be the most fun and challenging route, but it might not be the most effective route.

    Anyway, thanks for the time and thanks for posting such amazing videos! I'm sure you get a bunch of questions everyday and I can imagine what that must be like. The work you do is truly a work of art. Especially when it comes to those high security locks!

  3. Bill, these Euro profiles are mounted with the bible pointing DOWN in the door. The key pins will lose contact with the bump key and stop transferring momentum when partially set, so I think. Try to bump it in its native orientation.

  4. "For goodness sakes, stay 'legal'." Yet, you are teaching people how easy it is to break into other peoples homes. Good going, bill!…"Here's how to make perfectly good counterfeit $100 bills…..But don't do it people!"

  5. cool… on conventional locks i have been replacing the last spring with a cut to length of .104" diameter of orange silicone Oring. trimmed to make it almost impossible to load the top pin into the shell.. it makes it pick and bump proof. try it.
    i buy my orings from oring houses in what ever size they have in silcone as long as the cross section is 0.104"  this gives it some room to expand in the shell.

  6. Hey Bill, just curious if you have any suggestions on making a normal Schlage/weiser deadbolt more bump-resistant? Anything that i can do with pinning or security pins to make life difficult for bumpers? Need to rekey locks for a family member that got hit by a thief with no signs of forced entry. Or better to just invest in new plugs with sidebars instead?

  7. Been making bump keys over the last few days for different locks I have at home.  So far each one has worked for me.  I dont have donuts either so have been re-setting after each hit, but its working so far :-).  I like the spring idea and think I might have some the right size so will look in the morning and give it a go and try some of my euros.  Thanks for sharing the idea Bill

  8. Thanks bill and happy new years! This method can open many lock, but for different shape of key. Whether in the next video to introduce different bump key production method?

  9. Great video Bill. I have to try this on an EVVA, one of the lower securty types that I have but can't really get into because of the warding.

  10. Noice….I use springs as well Bill, but I've only been able to open Master's….I don't have a vice or "real" bump hammer, and everyone usually uses the donuts which I also don't have, so I sorta just gave up on the whole "bumping" thing….
     But thanks to you & this video, I see the folly of my ways, and hopefully I'll soon be bumping as good as you! 
    Peace n Tanks 

  11. There is a German pick shop that offers these type of sets for bumping security pin tumblers like the DOM or the Abus, they are very expensive though. Your solution is less expensive.

  12. What kind of hammer are you bumping with? And, I wonder if a pick gun could work on this kind of cylinder. And, do you file back the shoulders on your bump keys? Thanks for the great videos!

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