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(189) How to Detect and Beat Spool Pins (for Beginners)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. You're a smart man. Not only for knowing all this but for thinking of such a great way to visualize what you'd feel. Thanks for the video

  2. I am hoping to win a set a picks soon. I want to start learning how to lock pick. If that does not happen, I am going to wait until after my wedding to order a set of picks.

  3. I am intrigued by your skill, Just a question: what size and what weigh does washer weigh in? Also, the measure on the paper are they measure in MM or? I was moved by your ability of skill, I knew the lock does have spoof pin and today, your demonstration has proven to your point. Thanks for the education!

  4. Awsome video I been having a rough time learning how to deal with spools, I don't think you could've explained or shown better how to detect and pick them. Thank you so much!

  5. This is absolutely brilliant. I love lock picking, however often just the theory of it doesn't give me enough and videos are no different, as the commentators can only describe what they are feeling. This is an excellent idea, I'm totally recommending this video to my friends!

  6. Thank you. I've been picking a master pro series 6121. 4 spools and a serrated. It's ridiculous. Finally spp it today after trying everything,except shimming obviously. This was genius, using the washer. Could see the feedback very well. Ty for this video.

  7. what happens if you forget to set pin 5 when you did pin 4 and try move to next pin? (when you lost your false set) have you then to start all over or what?

  8. I find that spools make a lock significantly easier to deal with than standards since I'm near-strictly SPP,, for the reasons given in this video. but consider that spool are an anti-rake device which is most-common among basics and speed-hackers. If you could cutout two-thirds of a community, wouldn't you add spools too?

  9. Awesome video bosnianbill well explained quick question which is your favorite pick and works for you mine is the small half ball for tight keyways cant master top of keyway tension like you.keep up the best lock picking videos on youtube.!

  10. Yes, these are the essential skills of tackling spool pins which are NOT taught in the locksmith courses in Hong Kong but are available free of charge from padlock murderer Bill.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. +bosnianill Can I just say (this isn't a request or question) that I think what you are doing is amazing. If only more people were like you. Can I just say that everything you are doing is perfect, everyone is learning and all your videos are "short, simple and snappy". Just keep doing what you are doing, it is really amazing. :-)

  12. +bosnianbill I've been absolutely intrigued, amazed, and inspired by your videos for weeks. I'm a glutton for knowledge, and you've been my new focus on my next hobby.
    Question though. Is the feedback the same, if they were all standard pins?

  13. It looks to me (after getting your rather inventive view at the leverage involved) like spools can be especially hard on the pick itself. (Was your hook bent?) Obviously, any weak pick can be levered to the snap point when using aggressive cylinder tension, but spools seem to require more frequent "easing-off" due to their potential for pin rocking and hard-binding. Conversely, pin serrations do not seem to be able to cause pin rocking in the bores. Thanks for the lesson.

  14. HI

    Thanks a lot for the video. Makes a lot of sense now. I did not understand what I was looking for. It's like what you said " they do this magic thing and Pooof, the lock opens"

    I never knew what I was looking for.

    Thanks a lot.
    I'm trying to get a Euro lock open, but I can't even get it in false set for… like a month now.
    I'm doing something from, but I can't seem to find out what that is.

  15. Bill- My family owns a Commercial door and hardware company, we have a great lock smith, mind if i send you a lock to pick? can send you a 7 pin commercial custom pinned core to you. Thanks! Company website- jsarcher.com

  16. I've found (as a beginner) that the best way to get a feel for spools is to make a practice lock with just 3 pins, all spools. it lets you focus on just the spools (less confusion than with 1 standard pin imo), and with only 3 pins everything is easy and feedback seems more exaggerated.

  17. You always say you cannot tell what what the lbs of pressure are needed, but in this video you almost did. How much did that washer weigh??? And did you consider it . Light,medium, or heavy pressure? 

  18. This is the best tutorial on how to pick spool pins, by far! A lot of questions about "false set". I think Bill explains it pretty well, a false set gives you much more movement of the core than an actual set would. This due to the design of the spool. And the false sets gets deeper, just as the sets gets deeper(allthoug much less) in an all standard-pin lock.

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