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(735) ML Pro-Series 6121 “Self Picking Padlock”


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. All of these I have opened actually seem to have an extremely light serrated in the 5th position, and the rest are spools. I almost missed the serrations the first time I dumped the core. The same seems true for the 911. Can you confirm this? Did they used to be a standard driver?

  2. Hey Bill! Im looking for a bit of info im sure ive seen on one of your vids before, but you have almost 800..
    I recently acquired and picked a Mortise lock made by Lori. It took me about 20 minutes while I was bored at work.
    So I came home and gutted it and found that it had 3 sets of pins. The set between the drivers and the others were
    all the same size and short. I dont know anything about them! The only thing I know to call them is wafers but that leads
    me to no info. It may be foolish to try and ask this of you in this manner but can you point me in the right direction?
    I would love to learn how to combat them properly as I assume they are a security feature. Thanks in advance!
    (Fans can give me the heads up too!)

    1. Most Abloy locks are exceptionally good locks. Abloy’s Abus division does make some locks at lower price points that are much easier to defeat, but the more expensive Assa locks are very good. Abloy was what I went to after someone drilled out 140 or 150 locks in a court house and stole millions of dollars in equipment. The thief’s drill burned out on the last lock, and I had to finish drilling it, because the key was not going to work. Mul-T, Medico, Abloy/Assa, all make exceptionally difficult locks to pick open, and Abloy makes a lock that is very hard to drill open too. Destructive entry is far more common than a skilled attempt at picking a lock. About the ONLY people who will have or hire a skilled non-destructive bypass person are the police, district attorney, other government agencies, industrial espionage etc. Most criminals will kick the door down or heft a large rock through a window knowing they will have an average time of about 7 minutes to grab what they can and leave before the police arrive. Twiddling around with the lock pick could eat into that 7 minutes. I use 7 minutes, because that was considered the fastest police or fire response time in my city, which ranked number 1 in the United States for fast response times, and we also have a very large ratio of police to the population number. Other cities have response times measured in hours, days or even weeks, months, years in some cases. Mirana Arizona is so small, and has sheriff’s protection, but our sheriff is an elected official, so our sheriff does not care about any tiny towns on the outskirts of the county, so there is no police, and I don’t care if someone walks into a dining hall and shoots 50 people. The sheriff will only respond if it gets him some publicity which gets him votes, so after the state police show up, along with the news media the sheriff will be there in force, but only for the publicity. That being said, Mirana is a poor choice of a place to burglarize homes. The town’s people gave up on America’s Toughest Sheriff, and most of them carry guns now, and take care of each other. YEP, America’s Toughest Sheriff (Joe Arpaio) is pretty much a farce, a joke, a crook, and a an ineffective big blowhard.

  3. found 1 of these at work w no key, picked it want to repin it to 1 of the keys in my pile of keys, not even the master keys I have fit this lock.

  4. I'm curious– you always point out how easy Master locks are to pick, but what is it about them that makes them so? Loose tolerances? Rounded pin ends? Just number of pins and lack of security pins?

  5. Hi, my name is Sean I'm an amateur locksmith that is studying to become a licensed locksmith. I have a few questions for you on how to get licensed. It would be great if we could chat thanks!

  6. soo, perhaps you've answered this before, is there any M*ster'd Lock that you do enjoy or is in the naughty bucket from the factory, not your challenging (evil )colleagues. Thanks and happy new year!

  7. Hi can somebody recommend me a good pick set for beginners and where to buy it? I have looked on amazon and it all looks like cheap crap and the descriptions don't even tell you pick width. I have watched almost all of bills videos now and I think it is time for me to buy my first equipment :)

  8. I have been following your channel for a while, fantastic fun to watch. However I just got my first set of picks with the intention of learning to help develop my fine motor skills, but I have come across a lock I think has to be the worst lock in the world and I was wondering where I send it to for you to look at and have a laugh at.

  9. Hey BosnianBill I bought a pretty cheap lock pick set (it was 16 or17 us dollars)I'm trying to pick a lock that we don't use its a 40 km lock its made by guard security and is hardened steel I'm pretty sure my lock pick set is aluminum and I don't want to break the tention wrench but is aluminum strong enough to turn it because I turn the tention wrench and it has a grip but I think I'll break it before I open the lock or do I need a stronger tention wrench please advise

  10. Hi I have enjoyed your videos that I have seen( and have to watch more). Today I went out and bought a new Master lock and with a pick and tension bar I made, I picked the lock 3 times in 20 minutes even though I was not really sure what I was doing or feeling

  11. Is there anyway to help M…urgh improve their products? Do they even care? Do consumers really care?

    I mean at the end of the day we all know that if someone wants through a padlock they will find a way through it. It kind of makes locks just tools to help keep honest people honest.

    Picks are one thing, but cordless drills, sawzalls, grinders, torches, hammers, cutters, and so on are less clandestine but fairly quick and portable. A one-time use harbor freight tool or a BFH could probably get through most locks. A hundred dollar lock will slow down a thief, but it seems like most crimes are just targets of opportunity anyways. And at some point it seems like the locks are stronger than the actual material they are fastened to.

    I have a storage unit that requires us to use their circular locks for "free" insurance coverage, but the actual door clasp could probably be defeated with a strong screw driver. Of course the complex has limited hour gated access, night vision cameras, 24 hour security, and 12' barbed wire fences, and a canyon on two sides, a high cliff on another, so the lock is part of a system of other measures, not bad for 50$ a month.

    My favorite lock was a M…blargh alloy padlock that came in like a 6 pack. I was messing around with it and a cut the plastic casing off of it to look at it. I took a pocket knife and a small hammer, placed the knife on the alloy casing and gave it a tap. The case snapped right in half. I figured that with that knowledge if I ever saw one of these locks used in anger I would be able to by-pass it in less than a few tens of seconds. That is almost an embarrassing product to release.

  12. I love these videos:
    The locks, the tools, the sounds(ASMR), the ridiculous intros/outros, the repetition (I try to say 'top of the key way' or 'Peterson Gem' before Bill does), the humour, the way Bill tosses the keys away after showing us the bitting almost like he's offended that keys even exist, the mystery (who is Bill? Do we need to fear him? I think probably. How does he know all these other international men of lock picking?), that Bill calls us 'fellas' (sorry ladies it's boys only), trying hard to predict whether we're dealing with spools or serrated pins based on Bill's reports of counter rotation and being right about half the time… The list goes on
    Keep them coming!

  13. Hey bill. I've tried PMing you but under your "about" section but there is no send message tab in order to do so. Any other way to get ahold of you other than public comments? My email is millct@mail.uc.edu if you could let me know I'd appreciate it. Have a question if I'm allowed to take picks on a domestic flight and figured you would know. From what you've said in videos it seems like I'm allowed but I don't want to get them confiscated. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

  14. My question is a little bit off topic but i hope someone here can help. i came across this channel ( ofc i did subscribe ) because i was looking for the perfect lock for my bike. can you guys give me any advice what to use? is a Mul-T-Lock padlock plus chain a good idead? i really need some advice.

  15. +bosnianbill I have a picture of a lock for you and wondering have you seen or picked one of them before is there an email I can send it to please

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