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(732) Double Tappin’ Master Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. The scary thing is before I started picking locks, I actually thought Master Lock was one of the best lock brands. I don't know why, you just see them everywhere so I guess I always thought they were really good. Now, not so much. Now I tell people to avoid them at all costs, that and Kwikset. :)

  2. Now I'm worried, you have picked all my locks! Which explains how; Two Romanians, got into my truck on the A5 in the UK & tried to take myself and truck, but thanks to my bad temper and 400lb cross bow sent em packing, with a nice li'l hole in their vehicle!

  3. Unbelievable… how can Master even sell these glorified paper-weights? They should completely shut-down all operations in shame… and start from the ground up. Total embarrassment.

  4. that skit at the end was so cutely funny an cheesy. Love it, lol. Remember kids. Never forget to subscribe, and friends don't let friends use Master lock.

  5. If I was owning the Master Lock business I'd consider to revise the design completely or just change into being a reseller of Abloy locks instead.

  6. This is great information for that one person who gifts these to their more valuable friends only yo steal their shit. 😛

    Remember, it's the no. 3's you want.

  7. Is that for real?! I always knew they were 'not great' after the first Master I bought which was "8 out of 10 security" which I got into it in about five seconds. I am a true newbie to this; got my first Southord pick set about a month ago and since bought a couple of Petersons. That was the famous Master Excel Model I" – four pins and none of them security pins. Bill, I'd love to find out how to get one of your 'care packages' and try something a little more challenging – and of course anyone is more than welcome to the rubbish I've been buying from local hardware stores – not much challenge there!

  8. Friends might nog give friends Master locks but I might get one for myself just to boost my morale because I'm not having a whole lot of success picking the ABUS and Yale padlocks that were supposedly going to start me off with this hobby. ;-)

  9. Bill, I saw doubletap and thought for sure there was going to be a 9mm or .40 cal. involved. I cant believe that worked………..JUNK!!! Absolute junk!!!

  10. I love that you have these videos. Almost my entire education of lock picking has come from you and a select few recommended videos. But honestly, I don't want people to get wise to the masterlock and how awful they are. Lol

  11. Heh, BB you gots a racing quadcopter and it looks like you have VTX so you are doing FPV.
    Have you tried BorisB's Betaflight yet?
    100% do recommend.

  12. I just keep wondering if anyone, at any point in the design processes, ever tried to open one of these with anything other than a key. I mean was there ever a single person, even a child, that tried to get into one of these locks before they were mass produced? It's like it was produced for the soul purpose of looking like a lock while serving zero functions of a lock. What was it that separated Master lock from the competition from other lock manufacturers? Was their marketing just that damn good? It's not like they were the only people producing locks back then.

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