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(674) Master 930: Flywheel Style


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Man, i would just like to have master locks in here finland.

    Not because i'd use them, but i'd go into a shop that sells locks and pretty much just laugh my ass off while unlocking them with raking them, while the shopkeeper is laughing with me, but inside asking "why the fuck do i have these in my shop?"

  2. More than the very interesting and informative technique I learn from everyone of your videos, I love the commentary. Great job, thank you for the awesome videos. 

  3. I have always wondered how you are able to travel with your lock pick set out of the country do you happen to run in to any trouble with the TSA? I have started picking and collecting locks as a hobby because of you.  I am going to the UK Europe Germany and Italy and will be gone for 5 months or so. So do you think you can do a video of how to pack your picks while traveling and what you recommend to bring when you travel???

  4. Hey Bill, I've got a Miwa cylinder from my work that I have no idea how to open. You're more than welcome to borrow it and pick it if you would like. Let me know.

  5. Hi bill i want to ask you i see the forever lock picked with the foil technieke. Is that possible and what does the foil technieke i picked locks when i was young and i created the tools myselfe from watch makers srewdrivers and i see you do the same to your tools what i did to the srewdrivets btw abus padlocks was my favorite i stil do it sometimes when the police in my country where i live give me a wheel clamp then i bring the wheel clamp back to the police station myselve when i pay the ticket nice reaction from the officers. Btw i love your channel and it influence my choice of locks i buy now a days.

  6. I've noticed that very seldom do you have to reset and start from scratch. You seem to be very careful in not oversetting. Your method seems to be to forge ahead and lighten up and let some pins drop without a complete reset. Interesting.

  7. I've been giving it a go over the last few days. Frankly I'm surprised I can manage to pick my nose. Three days on one lock. I officially suck.

  8. Can you take any lock remove pins (ones that you can re-key)  cut them to security pins and resemble? Is it that easy to make a sub par lock better?

  9. Hey Bill I recently got into lockpicking as a hobby after watching your videos and have been practicing on master lock No.3 and No.1 locks as well as a m930 but those quickly became 10-30 second opens. what wold you suggest as a next step for off the shelf locks or alternatively how would you suggest getting into challenge locks?

  10. Bill, could you a do a video on some locks that you would suggest people buy, I know masterlocks isn't getting my money!

  11. i revived a lockpick set a few days ago, then i went out and bought some locks. i bought 2 master 150s (gonna buy other kinds). i was trying the beginner techniques like violently raking and bitch? picking, but no luck. finally after a total of 30 mins worth of attempts (1 days and a half ive been trying here and there) i finally picked the lock with the single pick method. i felt so happy lol.

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