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(449) Master 530 Replaceable Core – New Design (Junk!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I needed a lock and got one of those 530's at Home Depot because it looked like the best one on the shelf, didn't notice it was just 4 pins until I got home. Have you noticed that all the same model locks in the store use the same keys? I found that mine didn't need to be picked, it could be opened just by raking in one second. I took apart the cylinder and put in some spools to make it better but still want to put a better 5 pin cylinder in it. So where can a good lock be found? All the stores around here seem to sell nothing but Masters.

  2. Hi BosnianBill.

    I love your videos. I bought a Sparrows Tuxedo kit and made a few picks myself.
    How can i get a hold of some of your locks and how do i send one to you ?

  3. Just got this master lock magnum at homedepot yesterday I paid $19.98 for a 2 pack to me it's a very good lock I like the replaceable core u can put any core inside for example a best 7 pin core or an American padlock core I also like the octangular shackle and zinc body but the core is garbage for security stay away from master lock

  4. Nice one Bill, great picking. I have a master lock like that, that is key changing with a special pin tool… It does not work now with working key ;o(

  5. Great video, was just looking at one of these in Home Depot today while shopping and was wondering if it was worth anything (low expectations). Guess it was money saved, as it was also $32 here…

  6. Try the Master 532.  It's almost identical but with a longer Kwikset smartkey 5 pin(slider) core which makes it virtually unpickable or bumpable.  It's actually a really good lock if you are concerned about surreptitious entry.  It won't withstand a drill or screwdriver attack though…

  7. Looks to be about the same shittyness as the new 930 with octagonal shackle and rubber cover that I picked up and made a video about not too long ago… absolutely worthless lock.

  8. Not even sure it a brand. It is a padlock. Most thief don't pick padlocks they use bolt cutters so am safe. I personally use 2 cheap padlocks with a chain. Also chain my seat with a chain. My Bicycle never got stolen.

  9. Glad you bought that first, you probably savedy life. I was checking those out at Lowes and my wife chased me front the lock display with a hammer from the tool dept.. Thanks for showing us that thing, they just keep trying…..sadly.By the way I recored the American 7260 and its presently throwing the lockers at work off balance! Thank you Bill!

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