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(436) Master #19 & Devious Keyway Designs


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I'm almost positive I had a #19 Master lock, collecting dust on a shelf for YEARS. I didn't have a key for it and just recently decided to toss it in the garbage a few months back.

    Now I regret it.

  2. am i hearing things, your actually praising a master lock, wow youv'e changed your tune, usually slating them, humiliating them, never thought i would hear that ,( jamie in nottingham england) uk

  3. Hey Bill how are you doing , i was wondering if you had any more sets to hand out to new guys in the field , I could use one ,thanks if you do or if you dont i can pay for shipping, Dale Schmidt 23638 Dewdney Trunk rd Maple Ridge B.C V4R 1V8.

  4. +bosnianbillThat's A Fantastic Video Bill. I've got 3 of the #19 Locks and they are in Mint Condition With Mint Boxes with 4 sets of Keys each and they are beautiful. I have been trying to pick one of them and have almost opened one of them it was so close but I'm not sure but I do think there might be a security pin/pins in it from they way it was reacting. You won't believe how much I paid for them I only Payed £10 each Crazy I don't think the seller new what he had. Keep up the great work Dude. N.

  5. Mr. B. Great info on those two locks. I'll start watching for one (or two) at swap meets obviously with keys! Side question: I returned my dud combs to SO. Have the credit to spend on various other Pagoda picks to complete my Pagoda "set" and since SO is running a 30% off special, I've been looking at SO's lock pick "Jiggler" set (non auto). Is a Jiggler set worth the $? I notice, per video, a tension tool wasn't used…, just jiggling of various keys and very light turning pressure. Advice is always appreciated. 

  6. I just got 4 master/american locks from home depot master 530 has the exact keyway as the 19
    Now i know why i couldnt pick a simple 4 pin master lol
    I think they might have some security smart people working there again
    There watching ypu bill:-)

  7. I have this lock with the chain attachment built into it. I've long been wanting to learn how to pick and try to pick it. Just haven't gotten any picks yet and would probably take tons of practice before I could even get close to picking my #19 open.

  8. Bill, do you know if master lock was run by different people in its glamorous past or did they just cease to care at some point? Thanks foe the great presentation!

  9. Bill, do you know if master lock was run by different people in its glamorous past or did they just cease to care at some point? Thanks foe the great presentation!

  10. Great video Bill, I love this padlock it is Masters Masterpiece so to speak! It is a shame they do not produce it any longer… They still produce the No. 17 and No. 15 though, both featuring a 5 pin core and also a more paracentric keyway than the cheap ones. Both are double locked and you may try these out one day!

  11. Well Bill knowing how you feel about Master lock….. i was very glad to see you acknowledge it when they did do something right…. cool vid….

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