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(752) Shimming Padlocks


Southord SPS-20 Padlock Shims


Material Quality8.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 9.9


Looking for a REALLY easy way to quickly gain access to padlocks?  SHIM them!  Many padlock’s locking pawls are held in place by a spring, wich you can overcome by shoving a shim along the shackle.  Once you do that, POP!  You got an instant open.  I got the 20-piece spring steel shim kit direct from www.lockpickshop.com for $24.95.  The weblink to the item is https://www.lockpickshop.com/SPS-20.html.  The 20 shims will last you for years.  The rating below is for the SouthOrd SPS-20, the same kit used in the video.



  1. Im new to the lock picking world and your videos are a great help. I was just wodering why you cant shim ballbearing locks open.

  2. A friend of mine ordered a Lockpick set online and got such a training lock for free but his one is just a joke because despite of the biting you only have to pick one of the five pins in order to open it

  3. So how do the anti shim locks work then? Looks like there are just some different cuts on the shackle and I thought I heard you mention them as ball bearing divots, but I didn't really understand how they would prevent a shim from working the shackle free.

  4. I really think shims would be slightly bit better if there was a slightly lip on the inside of the shackle for you to rest your finger as you push down. Usually i use a knife to help drive it in, but i bet it would work a lot better with a lip.

  5. Don't know if u still have the lock or not. but would loved to see you demonstrating a bypass with a peterson knife on it if possible.

  6. Nice work, can you do a snowman (double ball) pick demo on this before shooting it over to CA.

    Do you have cutaway demos of the different picks already up? Thx.

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