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(751) Using Comb Picks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. careful with that last scene you could get flagged by some sensitive christian types… happened to too many channels already

  2. Hey bill, I just got a really nice dimple pick set today in the mail, what are some good name brands padlocks that I can use my new dimple set?

  3. hello bill, one of my locksmith buddies gave me a a lock that came off a vending machine, iam not sure, if it a a tubular lock? the lock is in the middle of the square T -handle, its circular with a raised dimple or button design , with a a small half moon key way taking up about one third of the locks face. any help on what type of lock this is, and the best way to pick it would be great!! that mike

  4. I bought a set from UK Bumpkeys and they worked well on a few locks, even a Master No. 150. I feel like there is potential to damage a lock with these, but I'm not sure. Great video!

  5. Nice motorcycle girl , Hey bill let me ask you how you turn an GoPro MP4 into an YouTube video so fast … It takes for ever for me to go from MP4 – > google uploader -> to YouTube .. How are you doing it ? If you don't mind me asking ….. Thanks …

  6. Those clear resin-body locks are great not just for beginners but also for basic demonstrations. I like the one I have, it's been useful, especially for my hooks when I want to see how much I am actually raising pins other than the one I am focusing on.

  7. +bosnianbill Hey Bill, I'm very new to the lock picking scene (this is my 3rd day). I absolutely love your channel! I only have a phone to watch you tube and have tried everything (including clicking the desktop option) and can't access private messaging. My guess is that your not comfortable with giving out your E-mail on this public thread but I'll gladly give you mine! lpuddichuck@gmail.com I am in debt to you for teaching me everything I know so far and would love to pick your brain. no pun intended!

  8. Know what you mean regarding those Bill. I got some when I started locksport…. To me a gimmick after watching videos. They have worked a couple of times on rubbish locks and now gathering a lot of dust

  9. lets see, open keyway, and a pretty stupid designer of locks that leaves a lot of spring-room…

    so it opens master locks? 😀 (Along with cat food lids, bamboo skewers, etc.,)

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