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(731) Scott’s Abus 75/40 Dimple Lock




  1. This ABUS reminds me of a MEDECO disc detainer pad lock i've seen, only because of the key way. Although, that Medeco is the baddest mamma-jamma I have ever seen with my own eyes. I would like to see one of these with my own two, also, because it looks like a beautifully made lock and it most likey is because it's an ABUS.

  2. Bill,

    First off, love your videos, but hate that you always make it look so easy.

    One quick question…………what is the clamp that you are using in this video. I do alot of small jobs where a clamp like that would come in VERY handy.

    I just got my set of picks in today and popped my first lock. It was a fluke and I really don't know how I did it or how to reproduce what I did, but I'll keep learning.


  3. Nice picking . You only picked the left row pins an the key shows another row on the right, or there are top and bottom pins in the same line ? Thx

  4. Hey Bill huge fan, I think these are the most informative videos on YouTube. I appreciate the way you walk us through what you're thinking and feeling in the lock as you're picking, great stuff. I know you've probably been asked this a million times but what make and model vice are you using there?

  5. Hey Bill your work is always enjoyable.
    For Abus Locks I like to know how high there Rating in the Abus Global Protection Standard is to give the audience a hint what the manufacturer thinks his product is capable of.
    Maybe you can include that in upcoming Videos.

  6. Hi I'm a middle schooler who just got interested in lockpicking.
    But unfortunally, i live in Korea and Korea don't have many lockpick tools as USA or Canada (even if there was, I can't afford to buy one)
    Because of it i was trying to do it with paperclips but it didn't work out well…..
    And then I saw you picking Masterlocks with tincans and bamboo sticks

    So i was wondering if u could do paperclip lockpicking.

    By the way, I really enjoy watching your locklab vids

  7. I have a question, if a lock is locked with two turns adn i pick it, it jumps back after one turn and i have to pick it again, is there a way to prevent that or do you always ahve to pick such locks twice?

  8. Greetings Bill, I'm about 100 videos in. Learning so much! would like to request some practice locks for a newbie picker. Want to cut my teeth on Master locks and work my way up to some more challenging. Anything you wish to part with (Keys or no keys) please contact me first with the postage cost, happy to cover it. Please denote any you wish returned after my attempts. Best regards, Joel

  9. So Bill, have you seen the new Master cable bike locks at Home Depot? Seems Master has decided to start crapping dimple locks too.

    Pack of three for $14 or so if memory serves. Look in the area where they have to holiday special buys and stuff.

  10. Well done. Not many appreciate just how hard it is to pick dimple spools with picking rotation in the same direction as your tension. Good work by Abus forcing pickers to do just that, and great work by you making the lock look so easy.

  11. this might be a strange question and goes to anyone that knows. I have searched quite a lot for a shop in Greece that sells lockpinking sets because it seems like a fun hoby to have and i am wontering if anyone knows of any shop that sells kits here in greece. I have tryed ebay but because of capital controls they don't accept my vise/mastercard. So please if anyone knows of sellers in Greece please tell me. Ty in advance

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