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(690) Papa Gleb’s Bag-o-Locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Could you please do a video on all the types of locks there are? I am a beginner and don't really know my way around locks. Also the best brand of house lock. I made my parents quite nervous and now the want me to find a safer lock.

  2. does anyone here know why the lock face on most locks have that circular dimple where the keys go in?  tried using google but ive had no luck so far.

  3. is this zipper susceptible to the pen attack? that is sticking a ballpoint pen between the zipper teeth and seperating them by force
    would make the bag more of a sophisticated tamper-evident bag than anything else (apart from the fact that you can pick it, so not even that good in that way)

  4. "we use these for classified documents" oh bill, why are you always teasing us about your super secret government job! ive done a little common sense 2+2 and im going to guess you work for homeland security.

  5. Hey Bill, I have two questions. 1. What one lock picking book would you recommend that covers most everything? 2. I recently picked a deadbolt but turned the tumbler the wrong way and had to re-pick it. Is there a way or tool to use to turn it the right way while the pins are set without having to re-pick it? Thanks Bryan

  6. I just started a job recently where we use these and wondered exactly how secure they could really be, but as you said, it keeps an honest man honest, I suppose.

  7. +bosnianbill great video. You mentioned in an earlier video (about a year ago) that you were playing with followers. Is it worth making a dedicated video on the subject? I'd be interested to hear any sage advice you have from your experience using them!

  8. Hello bosniabill and greetings from Germany I would like to send you locks please send me your e-mail or a private message that I get one off you locks that would be really important to me. I hope
    you present yourself and we can repeat the. Edward Dunn 

  9. Hi, I was watching the XPUZMAG video and couldn't comment on it because of the noted issues you are having with the manufacturer but I was wondering where you got the blue screwdriver you used in the video to disassemble the lock? Thanks!

  10. Mentalist Joe Riggs here, huge fan of your work. You are a huge inspiration. I searched everywhere for your email address to send you a question but couldn't, so I sent it to your eBay account as a private message (2 parts.) Check it out when you can!!! Keep the videos coming! 

  11. I know the TSA will simply use a pen or other thin instrument to simply seperate the zipper down the middle and then easily open it. Is this zipper resistant to that?

  12. Thanks for the videos bill, iv been subscribed for ages and must of seen most your YouTube vids, I try and follow what you say as your picking and your are very easy to learn from. I picked my first ever lock today with tools I made from windshield wipers, thanks for the inspiration you are a legend, it was so satisfying! The lock was an old tri-circle 254? I found it locked with no key. Man it felt good. Thanks again

  13. Im guessing your aware of this but incase your not if you take a ball point pen and poke it inbetween the teeth of the zipper it opens right up and can even be re zipped like it never happened (how people who work in airports steal your stuff even tho the bag is still zipped and locked) just fyi would have been funny to just completely bypass his bag for the video

  14. Man down in my territory and I didn't even know it, I would have loved to shake hands with the infamous BosnianBill. Hey have you ever tried to 3D print a whole lock pick and try it out? I wonder if the material would be strong enough to use.. Just a thought

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