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(588) How to (RE)Assemble Locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bill I've seen kits for certain brands of locks ,is there a universal pinning kit and can u recommend a smaller kit than the one u have there for a beginner.

  2. Is it possible to coil bind the spring if you have a long travel pin and a densely coiled spring, or are all of the springs wound so that they will work at the extremes of pin depth? Also, is there an advantage to putting in a zero height driver pin, one that if pushed with a pick would immediately set the lock?

  3. Hey bosnianbill, Have you ever had a go at a yale nightlatch cylinder? I took one apart yesterday (and I did get it back together again!) But I cannot pick them for some silly reason, and I took it apart to find out what was in it. All the pins are standerd apart from two driver spools, the pattern of them was quite unusual, they were placed in this order: standard, spool, standard, spool, standard. Also, have you ever seen the C clips they use on them? They don't pop off like the usual ones, you actually need to bend them out of shape! Could you also tell me where and what manufacturers in the UK do padlocks with removable cores???

  4. Very good educational video, do you have any video about the master key and how it works in these locks ! I also like what you say screw your buddy ! that would really be cool ..

  5. Would i be able to use Kwikset or Schlage bottom pins for different brand cores like ASSA? Does the pin diameter need to be exact to a brand?

  6. Aweasome video I had an old deadbolt from work with no key. so I ssp'd it open and used my practice locks extra pins to rekey to an old key I found in a junk drawer at home. all was good until I tried to pull that key out before I fasted the nut on the back. springs and pins EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! LOL live and learn. what a PITA but in the end it was cool to build a functional lock. thanks for all your videos and hope you post another soon

  7. Do they make a feeler gauge for pins? So you can just put the key in, then use the feeler to gauge each hole for the (near-) correct size? Also, why not modify a follower with an angled surface to make it easier to push the pins in the bible into place to be held?

  8. Tweezers that cost two bucks at a DOLLAR store…. I think you got ripped off lol, been slowly watching your vids and I just had to say I've learned a lot and I'm now starting to try this myself. All great vids and informative 

  9. when i got it picked, i just ditched the key i was trying to impression, because i can now pin it to fit a key i already have,,, no need to impression/make one for it.

  10. good video bill. now i know what i need to do to re-pin this lock i have,,, one of my neighbors gave me a Gate House Mortise Cylinder (Deadbolt) lock. while i was trying to impression a  key for it, i managed to pick it open, and right before that i somehow knocked the Circlip off the back of the cylinder… so when i picked it the damn thing fell apart and the springs and pins went everywhere… now i know how to put new springs/pins in it. thanks!

  11. Bill, I am new to this and just ordered a couple pick sets. I am wondering how to go about getting a couple locks i can practice on, something fairly easy and maybe a little harder. Do you have any ideas on what i should look for? i do not want to start off trying to pick a dimple lock or something crazy like that ya know…. also i am wondering if the top pins in the lock have to be a certain size? Like if a short bottom pin has to have a longer top pin, and long bottom pin needs a shorter top?? thank you soooo much for your vids and getting me into lock picking!!! :)

  12. I learned it the hard way. Wish I had seen this video first.

    Have you ever used a clear follower and/or the ones that had a V groove on the end of the follower?  Seems like ambient light would transmit thru it and provide light inside the body.

    Also, with using different springs, I havent been able to distinguish much difference in some of the ones I have. Yeah, still a newbie. I mixed ASSA springs with Kwikset in an ASSA 600, with security pins and couldnt tell any difference.  Does the difference in springs come into play mainly when for instance, working with false sets with spools that make the spools slip back down more easily if it has a stronger spring behind it?

    Looks like a monster of a setup. Too bad I didnt pick it before you sent it away.

  13.  Hey Bill, great video.. All of your videos have been very informative.. A few tricks I learned along the way was, If I forgot my follower or only had a hollow one and  the pesky top pins and springs escaped. I would use a Maglight Solitaire flashlight that is always on my keyring fits right in… Plus with it on you can see inside as you restack the top..
      Also I would carry a small reamer in my pinning kit to chamfer the holes on the plug. That makes everything a little smoother but may compromise security a little..
     Ok I gave the Good, The Bad, now the Ugly… Many years ago when I worked out in the field… We had to rekey or install a new cylinder in to an apartment building, an old apartment building with maybe 60 units.. The owner/super didn't want the expense of making new key for everyone.. So the problem is setting up the cylinder to work on existing keys.. most were copies of copies of copies… If rekeyed to spec. it would have been a nightmare.. So the trick.. yes I know it wasn't right.. was to turn the bottom pins facing up and put in bottom pins with the point facing down.. Yea I know if you sneeze while facing the lock it may open.. Back then most people didn't know about picking locks (no internet) . The owner/super was warned about compromised security… He didn't care, bottom line was he wasn't going to shell out for a min. 120 + copies of keys or hear endless complaints…
     I remember hearing, reading…?  not to use spool/mushroom..security pins in the first chamber  maybe not the last as well? Something about the plug binding up.. I don't recall..  
      Thanks again… Locksmithing is a constant changing field so it's always good to see different ideas and views .. 

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