Home Lock Picking for Beginners (190) Lockpicking Fakery: Don’t Let Tricksters Steal Your Confidence!!

(190) Lockpicking Fakery: Don’t Let Tricksters Steal Your Confidence!!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. why?
    to feed their own ego.
    and to troll people.
    which is, most of the time, the same thing. "oh i so smert i made these people believe me, go me".

  2. thank you for saying that I enjoyed that whole rant keep on picking my friend I just picked my first lock for my neighbor and he gave me an old dirt bike for picking the lock

  3. hyposmia bill I finally got myself a pick set and some other things I've been able to pick all the Chinese locks made by Master Lock but the old ones made in the US are harder to pick is there a reason for this

  4. I agree with a lot of videos on Youtube being fakes. 90% of them must be fakes. Probably the most obvious ones are perpetual motion machines that seem to be working or cars running on water but the ones I hate the most are all of them showing quadcopters flying that can't actually fly. I think some of them use CGI but a lot of the videos are from paid reviewers who get working models from the factory for free in order to make the videos. Those models are different from the ones we would buy to fly at home since a lot of companies are selling useless junk that won't work and most of the software you need to use for programming them is rubbish that won't run. I purchased a Quanum Venture from Hobby King after watching several videos showing it flying perfectly but the one I got was too heavy and underpowered to ever get off the ground and has a lot of design problems like mounting the flight controller underneath where it's upside-down!

  5. Sorry, noob question here- I was just wondering how you'd go about "gutting" that first lock that you showed? I've got one that looks kind of similar(not sure if it's the same make- it looks like it is) and would like to know how to take it apart!

  6. I've noticed that even when you're SPPing a lock on camera and it goes magically quick and smoothly, you're quick to say "this is a fluke, the last time I attempted this, it took me 40 minutes!" I've learned a lot watching your videos, even from the comments you mutter as you tangle with bizarro challenge locks.

  7. Why? Simple. Because hipsters / snobs.
    They have massive self-confidence issues. And by acting as if everyone is even worse, makes them feel better. (Even if they might actually be better, realistically; if they’d have confidence in their actual abilities.)

  8. Dude, you need to stop cutting your fingernails too short. It’s unhealthy and looks disgusting. It’s also pointless and unnecessary.
    (Also, how are you opening soda cans or do other stuff without fingernails?)

  9. Question, is it illegal to have a lockpicking set? Like I'd love to try this but don't know really how strict the eu is about this. Of course I'd never use it for anything illegal but it's a fun thing to actually learn. But feels like just buying a lockpicking set is kind of illegal? Guess I'm just skeptic <.<

  10. Way back when, I used to get two of the same lock. Take one apart to study the mechanical workings, and 'finesse' the other one open.
    Pick, shim, hammer, punch, torch: whatever worked!
    I gave myself points for:
    1) Being able to use lock again
    2) Not leaving signs of breach
    3) Quick/quiet
    4) Low tools count or tools not obviously a breaching kit.
    This was cheap locks available in the mid 1970's, so not too challenging, or expensive.
    Lots of fun!

  11. just discovering your channel, and loving it. you got me into lockpicking 🙂
    have you done any videos on Best locks? (that's the brand Best, not the best lock lol.)

  12. I am a noob but i found if you raked it (I had a lockwood version ) a few times then massaged the 2nd and 3rd pins and it opened .It pissed my friend of as he is a pro and he tried it .I can post a video of it if you want .But i was amazed how easy i did it

  13. Just getting into lockpicking, been watching tons of your videos in the last week, haven't had to worry about frauds because you seem to have the best video for almost anything lock related. The end rant is great. I love you. I'll be your groupie cheering you on on the side of the road lmao

  14. Sounds to me like people are trying to "Troll" you. Either that or people trying to get views because there are legitimate persons like yourself who try to educate the people who are interested, now riding on the coattails of your and other videos they're trying to possibly confuse of maybe just make money by scamming. I totally agree, these other videos of no educational value need to stop, and Stay Legal :D

  15. Bill, nice video and thanks. But I do question my lock picking because it takes me 3+ hours to pick a Master lock number 5. lol (Now I can pick it easily) Not because I saw you rake it open with a zip tie. The difference for me is I am still very new but I think I should be better than I am because the concept of picking is really kind of simple. This video very simply reminds me that each of us start this sport from the same place and we learn at different speeds. Patience is the key and you haven't failed until you quit-so keep learning and practicing. Thanks. I should remind myself to apply this to more than just lock picking.

  16. I often wonder, if we should encounter some alien civilization – will they be have such a monstrosity of inclination to fabrication as the human race – specifically the YT demographic? 🙂 They probably will – as that is almost certainly why we have such enormous brains – to detect fraudulent intentions in our fellow bipeds.

  17. Do you want to know why they do it? Exactly for the reason you said yourself in the beginning of the video. YOU FELL FOR IT. And that's what they're after. There's nothing to be gained. But they steal your time when they make you doubt yourself, troll you essentialy, and that's what's funny for them. They don't need anything to do this. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Or troll the world.

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