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(185) Improve Your Lock Picking Skills (for Beginners)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I am a locksmith out of central Illinois. I absolutely agree about the adrenaline rush after I pick a lock open. I am always looking to improve my skills. Being a woman, I get a lot more pressure than any of the other men that do locksmithing around here. Anyhow, I was looking at your lubes and I noticed that you do not have Houdini. I get mine through US Lock and it is AMAZING! (Even smells like citrus) It doesn't have any Teflon, silicone, oil, grease, etc. Not sure what is in it, but I have used it for over 20 years and it is superb when it comes to lubes. Just letting everyone know. Happy picking ya'll!

  2. Hey there Bill, really liking your videos and looking to buy my first picks and locks.

    Would you happen to know the Euro equivalent to some of these locks, or where I'd go to find out what pin setup a lock has?

    I know the tricircle brand is extremely popular here(Ireland), not sure of any others

  3. Another excellent video, I'm trying to get everything together to start learning, I was looking for the link to the Ultimate Challenge Lock, I didn't see it in the description. Also do you think that the Sparrows Tuxedo kit along with that Ultimate Challenge Lock would be a good starting kit? Thanks, I hope you get to reply, I understand you get a lot of comments and questions…

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a flat tension wrench like Bill uses? the top of the keyway wrench that is notched. he uses it a lot. i can't find anyplace to buy one. I see tons of tension wrenches but to get one like this it's always in a set, i don't want that, i just want one wrench.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  5. I called a local locksmith and asked for junkers. Guy gave me a few different locks, one happened to be the master 140. didnt cost a dime and got a few dif ones

  6. You were talking about how you weren't as good as some of these other people but you are my inspiration random internet lock guy. I bought a practice kit to start with that should be here tomorrow! I can't afford a really nice set yet but I figure a cheap set is a good place to start!

  7. Out of all the lockpicking videos out there I always choose yours, something about the way you talk or explain things just makes it way easier for me to get than any of the other youtubers. Thanks for the videos man keep it up.

  8. As much as I love these videos, I don't like that the older ones have all had their descriptions scrubbed. No links, no info about the older tools used… there's enough in the video to figure it out with Google, but it sure would be convenient if the descriptions were restored or rewritten.

  9. If you've already made a video about this, then sorry for asking, but I wasn't able to find it. But what is your educational background? Did you have to go to school for something like this? Is it even your profession or just a serious hobby? That's a lot of questions, but I've become very interested in lockpicking since watching your videos. Seems like it'd be a pretty fun job; I assume a lot of the people are pretty thankful when you come around to pick their locks after they lost their keys!

  10. just wanted to say thanks! I randomly watched one of your lock picking videos and now I'm hooked!!! i ordered some picks from sparrow today but I couldn't wait to get started! so I bent up a couple Bobby pins and raked a small national (made in Taiwan) lock in under a minute!!! then I took the same Bobby pins and raked my ruger gun lock!!! which is kind of unsettling… but anyway thanks for the inspiration. can't wait for the real tools!!! keep up the great videos!

  11. Does anyone know if the European masterlocks are the same? The locks I find aren't numbered no3, 5 etc. but have different codes. (22EURD, 500EURD, 5EURD)

    I'd like to sway away from the slimmer picks until I get the hang of it. Normally wouldn't ask but I can't make it out when I look at just the product specifications.

  12. Do you find it more difficult to pick a 911/61xx with the springy non-key retainer (since it likes to snap back), or the key-retaining version because they have both a dead hasp and dead core?

  13. Hello Bosnianbill, I was looking for the short pamphlet that you mentioned from Dr.Bint could you please forward the link on to me with much thanks< I am a beginner and I have been getting nothing but hard times from our local locksmith he is a set old man and has no time to teach, he will not even sell his old locks to me .
    Thank you for your time.

  14. i wanna complete this collection and really wanna get my hands on that particular wilson bohannon lock, i visited the website, dunno how to find it, whaddya say!??

  15. Bill you are my hero. I have trolled Many different "how to's" and as a beginner, for me, you are hands down the best instructor. Keep the videos coming. Thank You

  16. WOW- Just got a set of beginner picks and was feeling pretty good about myself after raking a Master open in under a minute on my first try. Did that a few times, failed on an Brinks disc then came back to the Master. While watching you in the first few minutes of this video, I picked the Master again one pin at a time. I know for a pro that's not much of an achivement but I've never done this before. What a rush. Thanks!

  17. Anyone looking to practice picking spool pins and wants to save money?
    Avoid the aluminium version of the Master140, the Master9140 as it doesn't have a spool (or any security pins that I can tell)
    Spend the little extra and get the brass version.

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