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(1270) Jakob’s Swedish/German Abus


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looking for the tools used in LockLab videos?

My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. so my only question being why couldnt you just put the key & lock pins downward and unlock the lock as usual? if the steel rod is already out of the way why the need for the extra steps

  2. Bill it's 6am here and I will watch this video when I am actually awake. But before I forget, and I will forget, when buying sparrows pics does the thermal dip affect feed back in anyway? I have the option for the thermal dip or without. The extra cost isn't the issue, I am just unsure of what the difference is.

  3. Nice 2-pin strategy there! 3 & 5 … I guess that if you just try to pick pins-down that pinset 3 would keep it from opening … opposite for chamber 5 … however you were able to pick the piece of wire up above the shear line.
    Thanks for sharing this fun lock!

  4. Such a small mod but it seemed to make that lock pretty tough. You need to clean up all the end burrs on your followers, then stop beating on things with them. 😉

  5. So yeah, the idea is that you have to turn the lock or reach really high. Also, you missed a small pice of steel also in chamber 3 that keeps the key-pin in the sheer-line if you try to pick the lock with pins down.

  6. I recieved in the mail the 7 pin adversary training lock from learnlockpicking.com
    I immediately grabbed my picks and, well… they don't fit well. Can anyone recommend a pick set for these tight keyways. I can barely get my picks to fit if i attack it from the left side, but it's tight.

    What did i just get myself into? Whatever it is… I'm going to win!

  7. anyone thought of putting opposing magnets into their chambers to give a resistive force to the spring and make it harder to set spp style?

  8. Canadian here looking for a padlock to use on a school/work locker. Looking for the following features: Shim Proof, Bypass proof, 5+ pins, 1 security pin minimum, low cost (20CAD)

  9. … wait, wait, wait,,, does this qualify as a working key??? in what world can you flip over a lock to open it?? Oh, right… a pad lock.

  10. @bosnianbill i don't see you ever answering questions or interacting with your base here. When videos are getting under under 10k views and only 30 to 50 comments, it makes no sense that you don't spend time replying to people. I'd love it if you did some Q and A live streams. I also can't tell if your selling your own picks or just asking us to buy from your sponsors. I will purchase products from the companies and manufacturers that support this channel.
    It's cool to watch you pick these locks, but I want to be able to pick them someday as well. I think a little more interaction with your base would go a long way.
    I like the channel and I've watched as many as i can, but lack of interaction with your base means your base isn't important to you.

  11. Nice job Jakob! Nice to see that there doesn't always have to be some crazy alien tech to make a tough little lock. Thanks for the video bill, and nice picking!

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