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(1268) Review: Bargain Dimple Pick Kits (JUNK!)


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looking for the tools used in LockLab videos?

My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Thanks Bill I’m new to the hobby I’ve been making my picks and have picked a sentry lock box,a master a wafer lock, and s Chinese pad lock with the picks I’ve made I know that’s not much but it’s a start.would love to have a better set but don’t know what to get yet thanks for your videos.

  2. I like your channel BUT, I kind of find it unfair that you look at the keys before you pick the locks. It is like you see how to complete the puzzle before you even try the puzzle, all you have to do is do it according to the instructions (keys). I say this because you are a master lock picker. I would like to see you pick an esoteric lock without looking at the keys. As I have just started watching you might have does this in the past and I just missed it. No hate man, I like this channel. ✌

  3. Those blue picks are good there great on Yale’s & iseo dimple locks great for zipping & raking we speak from experience, so overall that’s not not a bad set 👍
    Try it out

  4. This looks like the same kit you reviewed in video 439. Then it was a great kit. They did introduce the blue handles. Before they were all yellow.

  5. You trying to to pronounce whats on the case you sounded like a Cat got its Tail Stuck somewhere Lol

    Make a good Tooth Pick Set for Rhino I Suppose

    Regards Bill ..love the Vids

  6. 2 comments: the last time you reviewed this set, you said the same thing beside your conclusion… It is just that before you said "not bad" and this time you say "junk". Second thing: you reviewed a dimple lock set… then you advice people to buy 3 sets.. of paracentric picks (instead)… I think you know that it is not the same thing…

  7. You done a review on this 4 years ago bosnianbill and you said it was the best dimple pick set to come out of China and I can't understand why you say this is junk I don't want to upset anyone but just saying

  8. What is a good set of dimple picks to buy? I have Sparrow's, Mad Bob's, Peterson, some cheap Chinese picks, and even some homemade ones for tumbler locks. I still need disc detainer picks and dimple picks (tubular locks will have to settle for the Mantis I got from Sparrow's and makeshift tools for a while) to round out my collection and feed my addiction.

    The way I'm going, my Sherman case from Sparrow's is FULL along with the Competitors case. Looks like I may need to invent a small single sling backpack for lock pickers LMAO!!

  9. Hang on. Give me a minute to jump in the DeLorean and see if there are any L shaped key ways coming our way for that pick, or that pick set, to be useful.

  10. From what I can guess (without characters) Jiang Shi is the name of the company, and this is their 'new/next generation computer fast open' kit…
    Could it be for picking computer and server cabinets in China? Or something of that nature…?

  11. Yep junk but one positive you dont mind filling the crap out of the junk to fit one lock . I got 2 crappy sets just for that reason but only used it twice but it did sucksesfuly work out. Its hurts to grind out one pick from a set of good tools for 1 or 2 crappy chinese locks . But im not saying there good for beginers follow bills advice

  12. Thanks for the review Bill, sometimes you have to look at and deal with junk before you can recognize or appreciate the good stuff!

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