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(1252) Review: Sparrows “Lefty” Training Locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Great little training kit, but why didn’t Sparrows just put a window on each side to begin with ? I think its a lil’ pricey also – worth approx. $49.99 at most.

  2. Great…my son and granddaughter are left handed . I will be telling them about this kit. Of course I could show them if I get lucky and win one.
    Thanks for the info…..

  3. I’ve been clicking that big purple button for a few years now Bill and never won anything but ok that’s ok someone did right? But now even the purple button ain’t there for me! Zees Bill whasup i think the word is. Anyway I’ve learned quite a bit from you and can only say thank you for that on it’s own merry merit.

  4. This is a huge break for lefties, about time someone considered their needs (and the market)
    I used a Nightschool set, and am better for it. I do kind of wish I had the bigger machined brass locks they use now, but… The standard practice locks work fine, just not as handy.
    From products to service and responsiveness, Sparrows is a terrific company, they do everything right.
    I am waiting for them to make a mini knife like that in the EOD kit available as a separate piece. The Sparrows Shank is easily the best of class tool, but a tad large for an EDC set up

  5. Now I understand my problem — attempting to pick right-handed locks left handed and using bottom-of-the-keyway tensioners on the top of the keyway.

  6. Finally metal locks for lefties. The clear acrylic locks seemed to be the only ones for lefties to see the same as righties what the pins are doing. Nice kit sparrows made.

  7. What lock set up would you recommend for a shipping container? Maybe something like the "lock box" ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I notice a lot of the kits only come with tensioners for bottom of the keyway and you always prefer top of the keyway.
    I wondered why? Is it just personal preference or is there a big advantage? I suppose it gives you more space for the pick and tensions in a more 'natural' way?

  9. Finally acknowledgment for us, the down trodden minority. You know they used to chop the hand off of left-handed pickers not so long ago. Now if only someone could design a left-handed screw driver.

  10. Really this is one of the best training sets out there in my opinion. Another great review bill. P.s you didn't show us how to pick left handed, blindfolded and upside down lol

  11. Thank You for all the contests you run, the new giveaway buttons are a bit difficult to click on an android- or mine anyway – have to touch slightly below to get link to open

  12. I started picking with a clear lock & cutaway lock and found that I learned to rely on the visuals over feel. I had to re-learn how to pick all over again when I moved away from my training tools. Clear and cutaway are great tools to show others how locks and lockpicking work but I personally don't think they should be for those who are self-teaching.
    I therefore recommend the Sparrows Progressive set or Sparrows Revolver instead of clear or cutaway locks for those who are learning by themselves.

  13. Great vid i am left handed i have never picked a lock watch your vids all the time glad you work for the right side of the law and there isent to many as good as you in your vids or there would be no point of haveing a lock lol

  14. finally, now i can use these "left" locks and use them the proper way: springs on the bottom side like in every other european lock 😀

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