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(157) How to Open Disc Detainer Locks FAST! (Non-Destructively)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Very well written article. It will be useful to anyone who employess it, including me. Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

  2. I take it that these are really not all that good of a lock? Abus or Abloy or ASSA which lock would you pick for the best security on an paddle lock situation?

  3. Hey a Chinese fan here! 🙂

    Firstly thank u so much for the wonderful contents, and nice numbering of the title lol.

    Recently i have being trying to choose a decent bike lock so by chance i had a glance at your channel—- and fall in love with it!

    Here i have a few questions:
    which kind of lock would u recommend, out of disc detainer, flat(biconcave sides ver.), irregular cross-sectional (eg. tubular, S/L/U/卍 shape) lock, or curved keyhole(like the one in vid. 627), in terms of picking difficulty(average no. of minutes taken for picking) for an ordinary thief? In China, most of thief in urban area use technical ways to pick locks instead of broken them(seems like the opposite of westerners lol) , so hardness is not my major concern.

    By the way, i have noticed that most of ur picking videos of Chinese locks are all featuring cheap old padlock of a strange brand that one can probably only find on neighbourhood shops… is that because u bought most of them from Africa? Why not try some newer toys!
    The types of lock mentioned above are all quite popular in China nowadays and can be easily find on Taobao(a better version of Ebay lol), and it has an overseas direct mail function. Hence if u know some mandarin (seems like u do?!) u can probably directly buy stuff from it.

    Also, it is a pity that almost all Chinese locksmith could not speak a language other than chinese, so there is a leak of communication between them and foreign fellows…

  4. I really think u r limit correct politically. and this is because all most chinese don't care what happened in U.S. u even really don't known who designed it. if u talking this with Arab or black man, I don't think u will like this.

  5. The key bidding on the first Shenling Disk Detainer looks almost identical to the cheap one I bough here in Australia. Safe to say they're using the same mold (which is expected from these chinese brands)

  6. I tried picking my krptonite lock but for some reason when i turn the first teeth at the buttom. It wont allow. Me to access. The second tooth because the alignment be turn another way preventing the pick from moving to the next tooth

  7. How much do these locks vary? What I mean is, is there a one general all disc retainer lock opening pick, or does one have to get multiple of these for different types of locks?

  8. Thanks for the info Bill. I was wondering: Abus has a lock with free floating disk that have to be first alligned with the key and then the disk are turned similar to a disc detainer lock. Is it possible to pick these the same way?

  9. That second one was a fast opening, well done. I'll have to try tuning my pick and see if I can get as fast as you. I manage that sort of time occasionally, but normally it takes a few minutes.

    I suspect they don't do false gates as it would add a few pennies per disc, and that adds up!

  10. El nombre de la herramienta es "disc detainer pick". Lo puedes comprar en la mayoría de los sitios web de bloqueo del Reino Unido. Compruebe UKLockpickers (punto) com. También puedes comprar en Deal Extreme: dx (punto) com/p/disc-locks-pick-17618.
    ¡Buena suerte!

  11. @guest2424 I'll do another vid this week discussing how to "fix" a new pick and show some close ups of the tip, as well as open another one of these locks. Hopefully, that'll answer your questions.

  12. I think the tip/rod part, was brass/copper plated. when I polished it, it went from copper color, to silver. the rest stayed the same silver color. I still can't open one of these locks yet because either my tip is too long, or i'm not doing it right. I noticed that i can't free spin between the discs, so im not sure how i can move to the next disc without undoing the previous one.

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