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(12) Defeat Chinese Disc Detainers by Exploiting Their Design Defects


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bill, this is video is over 3 years old… Do these locks still have the same defects? Particularly the sobo series? When I tried your cutting trick with a cheap pocket knife I only revealed the brass looking body (no metal shavings). I tried moderate strength to pop out the cover (which looks slightly different) with no luck. I plan on using 2 of these 3 sobo locks on my new ebike.

  2. When I was enlisted in the US Army, we got some really nice high-security pad-locks; hardened shackles, hardened steel bodies and cylinders.
    The down-side was that about 2 dozen of the locks were keyed 'flat'!
    Yup, every notch on the key was the same level!
    Each lock had a different profile, to be sure, but the profiles were essentially a straight line with tiny 'teeth'!
    We sent them back after I was able to pick every one of them with a small screw-driver…

  3. I had one of these cheap Chinese locks on the security door keeping people out of my house. It was bypassed by a thief in a matter of seconds by simply putting a bar through the hasp and prying it. Totally worthless!

  4. I just became depressed. I bought a bunch of these to temporarily secure things and now you show this video I feel like a sap and angry at you at the same time for showing this on the Internet where any thief can watch this and steal my belongings. Thanks a lot. However, now I have an excuse to buy something half decent. Thanks for the info (without sarcasm this time).

  5. as i know ASSA and ABLOY locks are the same locks as they are made in the same factories and they are owned by Assa Abloy a Swedish Finnish lock manufacturer Abloy locks are made mostly in Finland and Assa locks are mostly made in Sweden but the components for both are made in both countries and ASSA locks are pin locks and ABLOY are disc locks but still both of them have the same casings also they are making a hybrid lock in a few years what i have gotten as in information from them

  6. get the first cut by a flat file (by side of the file) and then the shackle will cut easily. Because the hacksaw blade will get a groove to cut and sit on.

  7. I am completely new to the world of picking and asking alot of question, what are the two small holes on either side of the key hole? I have noticed some locks have these and others don't. my reason for learning this is someone in our neighborhood is a thief who picks, we have had three bikes stolen in the last year and they always leave the lock and chain but somehow opened it.

  8. ive watched a number of your videos in amazement, but this one hurt my gut. from laughing. I couldn't stop giggling at the gut dump you did on this guy!!!!

  9. quite the lol-moment when you pried the cover plate of that lock and spilled the guts on the table. ROFL-Copter coming in to pick up the guys that buy these locks

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