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(85) How to Decode a Brinks Combination Lock Box (EASY)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I have a home safe key is broke but has key pad but don’t know combinAtion how else can I get into it

  2. Hey Bill, Have you tried to decode the Master M175? I have looked around and it seems that no one on YouTube has decoded or bypassed the M175. My brother has one and I plan to try to decode it when my new feeler gauge is delivered, but the lock appears to be pretty tough to decode.

  3. the one i want to open has no room to reach in that sucks, any help? the former owner just left in inside our wall and we cant open it

  4. maybe you might buy one of these to hide somewhere out of the way incase for an emergency but id never put it outside the door like some people

  5. Well..Thank you for helping me unlock my house key box that someone accidentally changed the combination to. But now I have to throw it away because it literally took me 30 minutes to learn, make a tool, and break into the box..

  6. Great Video Bill. It's Crazy really how you buy something that is meant to be for Security and it's really not Secure at all and these company's are selling Security Products that are not Secure in any way shape or form they are just cheating people really and that's not good at all…! At least there's some really good lock company's out there still like Patrick at Commando Lock. Keep up the great work Dude. N.

  7. Hi Thank you but I have a push button safe key to open for a friend.This has 10 push buttons and a reset button so The key has been locked and I need to get it open.

  8. Maybe it's my imagination, but did anyone else 'hear' the locking bar slide into place on each plastic piece for the correct number, or is it a trick of the video?

  9. The only thing I can think of using that is to cut a hole on the back and mount it half on a door that uses a Diskus lock. And this Brinks box will prove a deterrent from those lesser criminals while your Diskus is safe from the weather. Also you can give your thief an "of sh*t moment" once they see a Diskus. The 25 model is preferred.

  10. I just found your channel a few days ago. Its great, you are skilled and informative. Thanks for all the vids and thank you for showing it the real way instead of being one of the guys that drop the pins out of a high security lock and pop it open in 3.5 seconds, making us new guys feel like we will never get it. You are a skilled picker, thanks for sharing the experience.

  11. Keep an eye out for this piece of junk in the mall parking lots… It's the HitchSafe HS7000T just look it up on amazon.com and have a great laugh 😉

  12. Thanks Rich. Yeah, hiding it would be a better idea. I'd prefer to have a neighbor I trust and just leave a key with them. However, since I trust NONE of the scumbags in my neighborhood, my forgetful kids get to stay outside until I get home.

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