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(81) Brinks R80 Maximum Security Disc Padlock SPP’d


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. wonder if any of these disc locks can be bypassed maybe even from the hole in the rear. Adams rite style bypass

  2. I use this lock on my machine shop role up door and one on a swinging angle iron lock bar on the back door, I don't think criminals around here really pick locks, most of em are dumb and want a quick smash and grab. I saw you melt some zinc out of another brand and open it, I haven't studied my locks but surely Brinks locks don't use zinc retainer blocks to hold the barrels? I know they are highly resistant to cutting with cutting shears, moderately so to oxy torches, but as for prying and attacking the lock barrel? Do they remained locked even if you drill out the barrel?

  3. Another great video and I used to have that lock and I hade no trouble to I wonder I the one I hade if it even hade security pins at all. I no longer have it tho I traded it.

  4. You're awesome! Thank you. I make my picks out of wiper blades, and, because I have never found the right sizes of wrenches, I make them out of the blades that fit on big tow trucks (not sure what size they are). And thanks to you, I have my dremel out right now, working on that pick-like wrench that you have there and I wish you had used in this video.  :)

  5. These locks are NOT for outside use. I had one where customer broke the key. I couldn't get it to turn or pick at first but once drilled it did turn just enough to get it off the hasp. Once I got it home I cut it half. EVERYTHING inside was RUSTED and FUSED. The shackle was fused to the stop bar. DO NOT USE THEM.
    Photos are on my facebook page Long's Locksmith Service

  6. Not really, No matter the bitting on a Medeco they are very difficult to pick. It isn't the bitting that gives pickers trouble, it is the pin's rotation. THAT is the tricky part. I'd say with Medeco M3s on your doors, you are in the top 1% in terms of picking resistance and security. Now go check your door frames, basement casings and windows.

  7. Just purchased 4 Medeco M3 deadbolts and had them keyed alike. All the keys have the same height bidding. No low/High bidding. Should this be a problem with these high quality deadbolts? Did the locksmith just do a fast sloppy job keying these alike?
    Thanks for the help.

  8. Great picking Bill. Yes disc locks can be a swine to pick as tension needs to be spot on and also a pain to hold. I picked a brinks disc lock that was sent to me and popped it quick. I expected more from it and thought was luck, but pops open same each time.

  9. No thanks, I have about 6 myself. I've cut these open before and they are a true bitch. You have to use a die grinder, not a dremel, to cut around the seam where, unfortunately, the thick weld is. The metal is hardened throughout, not just case hardened. The easiest way through is to pick it. Second is to cut thru the hasp. Third is to attack the chain its attached to. Fourth is cut thru the pole its attached to. Fifth is cut through the target (door, hasp, etc). Last is cut the lock.

  10. My OPINION, and just my opinion: They are all priced around the same price, give or take a few bucks. Why not go with the original designer, but updated guts? The latest Abus disc padlocks have a dimple lock core and incredibly tight keyway. Incredibly difficult to pick. Bear in mind though, they both have identical resistance against destructive attacks. I would never secure my high dollar Trek with one of these but it would be fine for my shed containing lawn chairs.

  11. Disposability is a distinct possibility. The latest Abus disc lock design includes a small plastic cover for the keyway. Perhaps they noticed the same thing and the number of customer complaints outweighed profit? THAT would be a first…

  12. Cont.
    The thing you may have seen in this discus explosion Billy bouy is the majority of these knockoffs all open clockwise. Not minethough, mine r to be cest' difficile.
    Whats your opinion on them? Is 1 cheaper? Or stronger? Thanx Bill.

  13. Cont.
    I own 2 the 1st one was a Master 4 pins, no security that I know of. Many people swear there is, even I seem to feel some….that was settled when sombody curiously and may I say viciously butchered one and found nothing but regular pins. 2nd I bought off flea bay. A 5 pin U-HAUL lock that was advertised as a 7 pin. it arrived with only 5 was I pissed. So I did some research and found out they indeed was a 7 pin disc by U-haul but it's a round ace style. Got my money back and kept my lock!

  14. Wow it seems everyone wants a discus in their product line. Lol I like these locks they're pleasing to the eye and oh so shiny. I do find some little intricacies that befuddle me, such as the fact that the plug is in upside down….Why? An attempt at thwarting rogue smithies? Most aren't accustomed to picking upside down, a technique, usually frowned upon by others so…but I sense more sinister applications.Springs exposed to elements, are susceptible to rust. A Disposable World is a happy…..

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