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(73) Brinks 50mm Maximum Security Padlock SPP’d


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. On high security locks why don't they use a cylinder that is not susceptible to using tension on it to cause the pins to stick so you can pick it? Seems like that should be easy to do using a free floating cylinder inside another cylinder or a mechanism that has to be pushed in to turn it. Also wouldn't it be easy to use a power drill to drill out the brass cylinder and let the pins fall out then just turn the mechanism with a screwdriver to unlock it?

  2. Is there a "set" as opposed to a "false set"? If so, what's the difference? I understand the concept of a binding pin and what happens when you push it.

    Also, when you're applying tension, you appear to tap the wrench a few times. Is that to get a better feel for the lock?

  3. I just got my PXS-14 and bought the cheapest brass brinks lock at walmart which turned out to be so easy to pick I was learning nothing from it other then how easy cheap locks are to open without keys. I remember you talking about these brinks commercial locks while I was at the store again today and looking at the package I thought it may have security pins and may help actually teach me how to SPP and proper tension. I was following your directions while watching the video and had it open before the halfway mark and 2 more times again after. This gave me much more confidence in practice and I was utterly surprised the lock contained security pins! Thank you for all the videos and help!

  4. We sell an motorcycle chain rated 5 insurance stars, and it can have 120 Kn kilonewton cutting force on the chain and lock lol…. 12.500 kilograms or 25.000 pounds……. xD Insane.

  5. hahahaha you have a great delivery and think you need to be on the discovery channel..lets teach novices how to be a better crook..you are an excellent communicator think this should be for locksmiths that are challenged and need to learn the tricks of the trade///

  6. Great Video BosnianBill. After coming across one of your videos by accident and really enjoying watching it, I've now watched several of your videos and enjoyed them all. You have a great calm & clear way of describing the locks explaining what you are doing. Thanks for your effort.  

  7. What are your thoughts for left handed pickers? For me I feel I have had much more success using the pick with my left hand. But I find it hard to hold the lock the way you do. Is using your thumb for feel with the tension wrench a good idea? That's pretty much the way I have been picking so far.
    Great video!

  8. brinks sucks masterlock sucks club suck in fact anylock made or sold in the us is crap a good lock will cost you a arm and a leg and I meen that it will cost at leas $200 for a lock that is hard to getinto

  9. I have a lock that confuses me! A friend had found it at the street. After some working on it, I was able to open it and found two things: 5 Disks and 5 Pins. And thats my question: What is this lock and where can you get another one?

  10. Some nice tips there, I'm hoping this helps with this little annoying 40mm Masterlock Excell that's giving me Weeeeiiird feedback..
    Pins seem to be sticky, lock is new but they seem to just 'jerk' their way down, probably making me miss the shear. I'll try some WD40 and different tensions when I have my patience back :D

  11. You know bill, I've been having pretty good luck myself with my patient impatient ness lol since I recently started, and I know this is one of your MUCH older videos, but, of all the videos and tips and tricks I've seen and tried so far, this is the most comprehensive, tactile, and instinctually conditioning set of instruction I have come across in months.
    Either you are really good now as you obviously where then, or people are just completely missing the target when teaching. I will definitely continue working on my patients, and feel for the lock and what I'm doing, because when I can make myself slow down lol, it really just starts to click. (Pun Intended)

    Thank You!

  12. Thanx much again Mr. B., for the reminder on "jiggling" your pick up/down. Something I just do is bring up ever so slightly the depth of my tension tool as it's set in the key way. 

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