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(647) Brinks Deadbolt Picked and Ridiculed (Thanks VitalyM!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Brinks is just selling their name. People think their buying high quality but as you showed here, it's no better than a cheap common made in china lock. But then again, whats new.

  2. I bought a Brinks deadbolt because it was rated ANSI 2 security. I know they use spools (thanks to Bill), so I thought it would be a nice challenge, but not impossibly hard, (I'm, at best, intermediate level). The bitting was 16212, not a bad key especially if there are spools, and I'm only using standard depth hooks to SPP. A hybrid rake/pick method worked but I wanted to full on SPP it

    I placed an order with Sparrows for some stuff and a deep hook thinking that it was the change from spooled 6 to a 2 that was stopping me. As soon as I placed the order it opened with SPP for the first time with a standard hook. D'OH!! The lock is simple enough to do in a couple of minutes now.

    Lessons. Don't give up, but take a break instead, ANSI 2 doesn't mean anything, and don't buy online impulsively because you think its the tools

  3. Im glad you showed this lock I find it hard to believe that it has spool pins at all it was so easy for me to rake even compared to some knock off kwik sets I got but oh well I do like the anti drill pin so it shows they somewhat cared lol

  4. Bill,
    Your magnetized tweezers will only loose there magnetization through high heat or a lengthy amount of time. Unfortunately the heat required to de magnetize the stainless? or alloyed steel will also anneal the metal thus making them loose the spring properties.

  5. Love your videos bill.I love picking locks. I lock pick as a hobby. Everytime I come across any new lock, it's (wwbd) what would bill do. lol. Keep up the good work…Bills the man….Hope to get as half as you some day.

  6. To demagnitize it should be enough to get the twizers glowing. The hotter the better. When it glows the elementary magnetics should be able to move freely and to organize in a random way, like in non magnetic steel.

  7. Bill I want to thank you so much for all the time you take to make your videos. I am a disabled vet and I am extreamly mechanicly and technically inclined. You inspired me to get a set of picks and start practicing. I bought a southord psx-14 set. I know its not the best and i see a couple of specific picks you have i would like to get in the future but hey they work. The first lock i picked was my masterlock locking trailer toung pin. Its a shaft with a cylinder at each end and the lock mechanism on one side. I had seen you use the city rake in the rocking fashion and i decided to try that… for the next two hours i sat there and repeatedly unlocked and locked it while watching a movie. Then i went to SPP and while I got it a couple times, the slippery nature of the chrome made it a little difficult. Anyway thank you so much for the inspiration. Now i have to find locks to play with…. give me a shout when you have a chance RogueAshtray@gmail.com

    Scott Hicks Grants Pass, Oregon

    P.S. One of my passions in life is learning new skills and developing them. I dont know if or when I will need this skill, but i know its a valuable one when you do! 

  8. hey bill i love the videos.  i also bought a lock pick set for 30 bucks online its a southord  MPXS-08 set.
    and i have trouble getting into and moving around in many locks.  i think i need a top of the key way tension wench.  and small pick.  any suggestions.    also my grandfather want to buy really good deadbolts for his home.  do you know what i should get for him.

  9. Sorry this thing gave you so much trouble, but I'm glad to get to see it on video, and that people can see the apparent state of Brinks' quality control. Great picking as usual!

  10. you could try banging the cylinder against your bench and turn the key at the same time to try and bounce the pins to make the core turn.  I've used that trick many times at work to get cylinders open that get jammed.

  11. You can make a demagentizer easy. Get a shaded pole motor out of an old refrigerator. Remove the rotor portion. That leaves laminations with coil windings on one side and a large hole on the other side. Make a 120vac wire connect to the coil with a switch. You dont want to run it long without ferrous material in the hole. You can insert tweezers or screwdriver or other tools in the hole. Turn on the switch and hold the tweezers in center of the hole for 10 seconds or so. It will try to move. Then pull the tweezers from the hole and pull it back a couple of feet. Then turn it off. The tweezers be demagnetized. You can also magnetize with the same contraption.

    Or I dont know if you have tried a Rolson magnetizer/demagnetizer. You can get it on Amazon for about 6 bucks or less. No electricity needed.  I havent tried one but I think i will.

  12. That lock must have been  assembled on a Friday afternoon. The guy had to meet quota and then get to the bar on time. So are you going to tell us what you discovered or have to wait for the movie, Bill.

  13. I have no ware the skill to pm you for even a challengeless lock. Master 1-6 no problem now the dang American A1100 and 5570 I have to try the key every now and then just to see if they still work.

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